Tuesday, August 28, 2012

bUn in the Oven =)

Assalamualaikum lovelies!!!Wow! It's been a while since my last entry. Been so busy and malas and not in the mood lately..and not feeling well too..

how's your raya so far? Mine..first raya as husband and wife taught me a lot..sharing, caring and patient..Alhamdulillah raya is good =) eventhough raya at mertua house..it doesn't matter at all..at first mcm sedey2 juga tapi pg2 call mak..ok je..kat rmh mertua pn da mak kan..mak ke mak mertua ke dua2 mak..i love both of them =)

oh hopefully its not too late to wish a happy eid mubarak to all the muslim of the world..Baju raya saya pakai je apa yang ada..Simple..my husband should be proud of me, kan sayang kan? hehehe

here a raya picture from us..purple

my love..my heart..my jannah


now i'm 13 weeks pregnant woman and i'm proud of it...hee

This is the reason why i'm not feeling really well, the reason why i could not give a 100% commitment to my work..kerap je mc..hee..the reason why i'm kind a not in the mood to blog..

My morning sickness was a monster tau..especially during Ramadhan..i skipped 3 days of fasting..eee..mmg totally weak..But now dah okay sikit lah. Still throwing up, no bau2 wngi apatah lagi bau busuk..i can't cook..almost 1 month kot tak masak..huhu..Seksa..but never mind life is full of challenges right? saya anggap je ni pengalaman yang manis lg cute..

but Alhamdulillah spnjg alahan ni, suami saya selalu ada dgn saya..best tau..kalo xmengandung pun mengada-ngada, apatah lagi mengandung..tp my husband layan aje perangai mengada-mengada saya..heee..still a long journey.. hopefully smooth sailing along the way to the destination =) pray me luck!!! tq =)

p/s - Speak only when your words are more beautiful than the silence.- Arab proverb

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