Saturday, February 28, 2009


hari ini ak rase tenang..wlpn hanya ditemani sahabat2 yg ku syg..tanpa keluarga tercinta disisi, tanpa cinta menemani, tanpa dia yang pernah ak mc mampu tersenyum dan gah berdiri..kerana ketenangan itu milik Allah..bersandarkan kepad-Nya..sentiasa bermunajat kepada-Nya..sentiasa hangatkan cinta kita kepada-Nya..InsyaAllah kita akan tenang..setenang air dikali..selamat malam..aku perlu tdo awal..esk jam 6 da training netball dan ak akn keluar ke bandar esk..KFC tunggu ak..hehehe..

May Allah Bless Us... amin..


tanggal 9-13 mac ak dan bdk2 batch aku akn mengadakan lawatan ke Kota n sonok cbb bukan shja lawatan smbil belajar, but berjalan tonight all of us gather at surau an-nur to make banners for the trip..and below are the pictures for

the making of......

most of the pictures ni time dah suda buat coz time buat all of us very comited and concentrate do their work..cewah..hehehe..but what im proud here is about we can finished all this less than one hour..huhu..bravo n congrate to all my la dinamakan U.N.I.T.E...Love u all =)

Friday, February 27, 2009

tAg From AyU..

1. You must answer all the questions.

2. Tag 5 people to do this quiz.


1. What's your full name?
Nor Liyana binti Mohammad

2. Do you hate someone at this moment?

3. What makes you hate her/him?
~very2 show off..eee..perasan cantik, perasan sexy n bla bla..seindah hiasan adalah wanita solehah macam Ustazah Sarimah..cantik..

4. You love your family?
~of course..

5. List 5 names of your friends that you love.

6. Why do you love them?
~because they are my frens

7. Who do you prefer, your dad or mom?
~both of them..

8. Did someone make you cry this week?
~Nope but i cried last night..because of yg cri pasal utk menangis..

9. When was the last time you make your friend laugh?
~a few minutes ago..

10. Do you like someone at this moment?

11. What was the last present you received?
~handphone keychain from aireen n jemie for my birthday..but i refuse to use it because it too sexy lol..sorry..but i will keep it forever..

12. Are you missing someone?
~of course..

13. What was the last message did you received from your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?
~Hehe..dah la, p tdo =p

14. What was the last comment you received?
~malam2 pn cuci tandas..coz td ak cuci tnds dlu sblm gna..airkn dah da..huhuhu

15. What is your wish for your birthday this year?
~erm i will meet my happiness..

thats all for today..i really tired bcoz i slept at 3.30 am last nite and wake up at 5.50am this morning..go to 2pm go to surau to set up place for "pertandingan syarahan" then at 3pm until 5.30pm attend for green house meeting and marching, take the attendance as im the vice president n my SU go for BIG, so i take her 7.30pm until 11pm attend pertandingan syarahan as im the community of PGPI so i need to clean up all the things..back from surau, im tidy up my room and my stuffs..wash my clothes until 12.30 am..then start blogging..n after this want to sleep..sleepy already..

aku yang sengal..hehhehe =)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ApA iTU bAHAgia...

today for budaya and pembelajaran class miss fizah asked all of us to list down things that make you happy..hmm...and im start to think..but the things that cross in my mind is 'apa itu bahagia' but to fulfill the requirement i just write it down on the piece of paper..that the things in the list..

1. my family ..of course my family always make me feel happy
2.go to vacation with unfamiliar person..??? i dont know y i write unfamilar person, but after the class i think again unfamiliar person maybe refer to someone that im not always hang out or this mean familiar person is someone that can make me feel not sure but yup i love vacation..cuti2 Malaysia mcm kmi blaja time class sivik td time group Aireen bentang..hehehe
3. if i talk about here of course good water supply can make me feel relieve..
4.can go out from 'kepompong manusia yang sama' for a long time period..mean out from here..because im already getting bored with some routine and same people here (not all but some of them).. to fulfill my needs and my dream..heheheh (maybe it will should be the last one rite coz many cant buy happiness but we still need money to stay alive) my old fren without arrangement..

7.can meet person that i really want to meet and that person can make me really2 happy.. (but who that person ah?..huhuhu..let me keep inside my heart)

8.when people around can see the way i see myself..but its not easy rite..

9.when i far from person and things where can make me feel irritating and when i see that person my heart said, ahh..knp ak syik nampak dia, rimas not hate but just want to avoid..
10.when i have time for myself like just laying on the bed and read my books and novels..relax and just see the beautiful scenery that Allah give to ur mind from any distraction..

but after i read all this..i asked my i really happy with all this thing..hmm..i dont get the answer..coz i dont know actually what is really 'kebahagiaan'..

adakah kebahagiaan itu boleh diukur
adakah instrument yg boleh digunakan utk mengukur kebahagian..
kebahagian itu tidak nampak dan ia tak perlu ditunjukkan atau dibuat2..


kebahagian itu sesuatu yang ikhlas dan indah..

jika kamu bahagia, kebahgiaan itu sendiri akan terpancar dari hati dan mata kamu..
kerana kebahgiaan itu indah dan bercahaya..
dan saya pernah merasakan kebahagiaan itu..

selamat berbahagia semua..semoga kita sentiasa bahagia..hanya kita sahaja yang tahu apa yang akan membuat kita bahagia..kerana bahagia itu satu..yang membezakannya hanya bagaimana kita mendapat, mencari dan menerima kebahagiaan tersebut.. =)

p/s: sy rindu zaman pra pismp (gambar2 di atas)..sbb zaman inilah zaman kebahgiaan saya disini..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

just A thouGht..maybe..

Hidup dirantau perlu sabar..Aku benci situasi itu..Aku benci kerana terpaksa memuaskan kehendak orang lain sehingga aku terpaksa menelan semua kebebasan dan kebiasaan diri sendiri..

Ertinya yang harus berwaspada, yang harus berhati-hati dalam segala hal yang berlaku adalah aku. Dan hanya aku yang tahu betapa sakitnya kerana harus bersikap berhati-hati begitu. Ia melawan fitrah dan cara pergaulanku yang selama ini penuh lepas bebas tetapi masih menjaga dan tahu batas-batasnya. Ia mengatasi kebebasan dan kebiasaan aku..4tahun melalui satu fasa hidup yang sama ia amat membosankan ok!..hanya aku sahaja yang tahu..dan orang lain tidak akan tahu dan tak perlu tahu!

-dont play with me-

air tolong di mana air..

tulang-tulangku ku sudah mula mengeluarkan bunyi..

untuk mendukung kamu aku hampir tidak mampu lagi..

aku tidak lagi selincah dulu untuk semua itu..

Monday, February 23, 2009


hr ni ak main netball..stu mslh bsr ak main netball ialah ak slalu terlebih kwsn..mse mla2 main ak ok..then bla ak da syok n asyik masyuk, mula la ak terlebih kwsn yg aku xley yg wat ak mls nk main ni..sjk dr sek ren g ak da mslh ni..kalo main slalu kna tiup wisel oleh pengadil..hehehe..jd sjk pd tu ak krg nk main dah netball..but its ok..the most important is never ever give up to put ur best..and learn from the mistake that you have done..the most valueable and precious 'ilmu' is your mistake..learn from it..InsyaAllah u will be more better than b4.. =)

1g sbb ak xbrpe nak gemar main netball sbb bg ak pmainan ni bkn la sume org main sestengh tu da yg gitu..kdg2 bola terang2an ditgn kita pn mau dirampas..jgn amik hak org ba..jgn main kasar..ak ndak suke tu kalo main org wat ptng pn da jg yg main g2..nsb baik bkn ak yg kna wat xminat ak nk main kalo gitu..hehehe =p ksmplnny jgn rampas hak org..sbb hidup ini hukum karma..huhuhu..what u give u get back..and, that time or that moment never ever to blame others k..face it and accept it..thats for today..gud nite..

p/s-manusia selalu nmpk kslhn org, pdhl diri sndri yg cri pasal xsedar..itulah manusia bila tidak meletakkan dan sandarkan Allah sbg tmpt pergantungan..terlalu taksub gan dunia, terlalu bebas.. shnga lupa tanggungjawab pada Pencipta..Nauzubillah..semoga kita semua sentiasa diberkati dan berada dalam redha Allah..amin..

Aku darAh BaNGsawaN..hehehe

Last Thursday i had a lot of fun playing traditional games in the was fun, since there were some different versions of the game that we knew, and some new games that we have never played before..

We had our P.E in that morning and all of us were required to form groups, choose and organize a mini games for traditional games..That day, my group organize our games which is Ketingting or Teng-teng as we call it.. Another group organize Galah Panjang and Tuju Selipar..
And there will be more games next week.. though i didn’t really get a hang with of all the games we played today.. I really had fun and i sweat without realising it.. It was a good exercise, hehehe..

After that, during recess i had a match of Congkak with my classmate Jill.. It was proud to say that i won the game 2 to 1.. We played 3 sets.. my classmate said that Congkak was once played by the Malay’s aristocrats (bangsawan as we call it).. since I won the game, i called myself as bangsawan..hehehehe

It was quite a funny match between the two of us, we were laughing more than we were counting the “buah” that we won in our “rumah”.. i guess there will be a re-match between the two of us (for the sake of fun only though, no hard feelings taken here)..and its really happen..on Friday morning i had a match again with jill..but unfortunately..i lost the game 2 to that day we played for 5 sets..but i still called my self as bangsawan as im always do..hehehe..

tomorrow is monday so i guess there will be another match between us or maybe with other my classmate.. i will make sure i win the game because 'sy keturunan darah bangsawan'..hahaha..and this game encourage me to go to class and enjoy my day..ada ke?pa ley buat..heheh.. =p

p/s - congkak tu dr bhn recycle..kak na gan hans buat..ak tukang cari batu kecil, tukang bawa n tukang main je..heheheh..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

dulu n kini..

dulu sy pernah belajar taekwando when i was form 1
dulu sy pernah wakil sekolah acara lompat jauh, lari berpagar n long distance..
dulu sy pernah wakil sekolah acara badminton..
dulu sy pernah belajar bermain guitar with my uncle, ayahsu
dulu sy rajin turun beriadah semasa di sekolah..
dulu i love to read novels and books..
dulu sy rajin buat note yg mmg rgks dlm bku..
dulu sy pernah wakil IP utk kagum permainan dan olahraga(2006)
dulu mostly sy submit assingment sy on time..
dulu sy penah happy bila teringatkan seseorg..
dulu sy boleh kawal rse rindu n homesick sy..
dulu sy boleh kawal rse sedih sy, skt di ht sy..
dulu sy tidak merasa bosan melalui hari2 di sekolah

kini sy tak join pn taekwando wlpn dah ditubuhkn persatuan ini di IP..
kini sy tak sertai pn pape acara wlpn hnya utk pemilihan wakil rumah sukan, bukan training mewakili rumah sukan..
kini sy tak sertai pn ape2 kejohanan permainan peringkat IP yang diadakan baru2 ini untuk mencari bakat dn selection for kagum..
kini hanya sekali je sy trun training netball, preparation 4 field trip on this coming march..
kini hanya beberapa kali je sy memenuhi ajakan rakan utk turun jog pagi n petang and join senam tari every Monday n Wednesday..
kini sy hanya bru hbs bace 2chapter novel sy that i was read since early January..
kini sy tidak salin pn note yg En Ruslan n other lecturer tulis di dpn apatah lg nak buat note cndri.. i spend most of my time in class (even during lectures, especially boring ones like Earth & Space) doing the puzzle..
kini sy tdk penah amik tahu pn pasal kagum apatah lg nak menyertai..
kini da 3 lab report yg sy blm buat pape pn lg, n 2lg tu dah melebihi tarikh due date yg suppose to be di submit this week..
kini sy rse irritating bila teringatkn seseorg..
kini sy slalu menghitung hari utk pulang ke rumah..
kini sy slalu down n sometime cry when i feeling sad n get hurt by someone..
kini sy rse ckp bosan n sesak melalui hari2 disini..

jadi antara dulu n kini..i realise lately, im lack of motivation n spirit..i dont know y but lately seems very tiring to me..i think i need to do something with my improve my bring back the spirit and the power of me..hoping for a ur life strong..

Friday, February 20, 2009


Wahai putera puteri bangsaku ayuh segera menuju
Mengikut gerak langkah maju bersatu mencari ilmu
Di zaman sains dan teknologi negara perlukan jasamu
Janganlah rasa malas lagi bersama memegang teraju
Di Maktab Rendah Sains M.A.R.A tuntut ilmu jangan jemu
Ikrar taat setia pada guru berdisiplin selalu
Hari ini hari mulanya, hari esok berjaya
Lengkapkan segala yang ada, ke kuliah kita segera..

p/s: entah xtau nape tba2 ak teringat lagu yg pasti ak rindu zaman persekolahanku


tiba-tiba aku mendail nombor tersebut..
tiada yang menyambut..
tiba-tiba aku tersedar..
dan seperti sediakala aku akur dengan fitrah itu..
satu tindakan luar sedar..
aku sendiri tidak tahu mengapa dan ia tiba-tiba..
bukan itu kemahuanku..tetapi
tiba-tiba rasa itu terbit..
sunyi dan sepi alam menemani diri..
dan aku masih dengan rasa itu..
di kala orang lain enak dibuai mimpi indah
aku masih di sini bersama sepi yang menemani
dan tiba-tiba aku rasakan sepi itu indah..
seindah dunia ciptaan Allah S.W.T..
malam itu memang sepi dan sunyi..
tetapi sedarkah kita kesunyian itu mendamaikan kita..
tiba-tiba aku rasa begitu kagum dengan nikmat yang satu ini..
terima kasih Tuhan mengurniakanku nikmat yang indah ini..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LoVe YoUR liFE..

Life is full of ups and downs..sometime happy sometime not..sometime easy sometime difficult to face it..but whatever situation u need to face..just love your life...and you deserve to make it alright..sometime i feel that is to im already 22 years old and only 1 more year left to finish my study..hahahhaha..i love it (actually im not interested and enjoy to live here anymore, here have something that i........let only me know the reason..enough)

1st time involve in hostel life when i was 13 years old..of course im almost 9 years i was in hostel life..and i feel really 'muak' especially if i need to see......really2 irritating..MRSM YTD then moved to MRSM Jasin..from MRSM Jasin moved to PASUM UM then IP Tawau..

here i have learned many thing about life and one of them all about love..being apart with him was the hard time i ever had..huhu..i was completely down with problem here n there..with those teribble thing happen..and i think i need to stop not give up but save my self..just to make my life more better n i let him go..i leave you..i have no choice..and i think it was the best decision that i have..but i was absolutely wrong..i become so weak n i could only see the darkness and was so damn feelings and hurts me alot..i felt like dying to forget everthing..i smile on the outside when im dying in the inside..

but it was 2 years ago..actually the decision to leave him was absolulutely right..because we're not mean together..yup im sure now and very2 sure in this moment..

now you with ur life n I with my life..although you leave me damn thing..lately i think u r still nice guy for me..because you taught me about LIFE n LOVE in the same time..thank you so much..U tauhgt me how to appreciate people..and honestly i dont wanna be like U..huhuhu..because of U i know what the real feeling..and now i really enjoy my life..n i dont care about u..wherther u still with her or not and want being apart with her again or already have new gurls..i dont mind..coz i already know who is the best for me..and who can guide me..of course the person is not you because we have really2 different life style..i never and ever can accept your life style..
Thanks to Allah because show me.................we are so different..lastly i can see the truth..but deep inside my heart i still hope Allah will always bless him..i hope after this i never and ever meet him and....coz i really2 hope and dont want to see both of not hate them but i just dont wanna see them..thats all..thats my wish, my hope...

Semoga hidupku sentiasa dalam redha Allah..dan ak tidak mahu mempedulikan lagi tentang orang2 yang aku rase mmg ak xptt peduli..mereka mmg langsung tidak pntg dalam hidupku..n im already erased them in my life circle..they were never and ever exist..yup never..stop..enough..i love my life now and i dont wanna care about some of them anymore (more than 2..hehheh) i agree if my fren said that some fren or some peple worth to be thrown..yup now i totally agree with you wanna..heheh..i miss u wanna..

i like who i am, regardless if people can't see it the way i see myself.. but it's okay, because people are different..
it's not that i don't give a damn about people's perception towards me,if they judge me, let them be the judger..i dont a novel the last juror..hahahah..i always believe that you can't force people to like you..some people can accept you, some people just plain hate you for no reason at all, the end, we know who we are.. just try the best to bring yourself in such a good way..

i cant remember whom, but someone said like this - good way means behave good and have your own attitude. you don't go around by being plastic and all fake telling that it's you, no? ......... and i think it so nice to think about =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

kU teLah JaTUh cInTA..

adui..ak rse ak cam jatuh cinta je td...mmg jatuh cinta pn..hahaha..

ak pg surau td..then timbalan gan cik wan ajak join belajar mengaji..ak slama ni mmg nak ikut belajar tapi segan la sebab kna g area lelaki..then kbtln hr ni timbalan pngl ak gn kak na pn join ja la..

kami pn mgji kat c2 da timbalan, cik wan, fazli, yusmail, kak na dan sorg abg KPLI kot..ak pn xtau la btl ke x abg tu KPLI ke pe..hehehe..

Tp pe yg ak nak highlight kat cni, abg tu mengaji perhhhhhhhhh sedap gla tahap super r..suda la manis senyum dia..huhuhu...(da ke gitu pg surau..huhu) xla pe yg ak nak ckp kt cni sbnrny abg tu mengaji bgtu sedap..pandai betul..bacaan dia semua ngam dari tajwid dan makhrajny..
untung sapa khwn gan dia, nti dapat belajar mengaji,anak-anak pn dia boleh la calon semua yang bagus..ak ni boleh la mengaji Al-Quran tapi xla bgs sangat..byk slah g especially tajwidnya..byk lg yg ak kna beljar..kalo di semenanjung dulu ak da kelas Al-Quran tp kat cni ak bljr di surau jak la..tu pn xla slalu..hehehe

p/s- doa :semoga ak mendapat pasangan yang dapat mebimbing ak ke jalan yang diredhai Allah..amin

Friday, February 13, 2009

sAya rInDu kAmu..

So onword,i will try my best to make my life more better and better…everything happen next, just forget about the past..continue life on your own feet with a desire inside..believe in yourself...Just pray to Allah that everything will be fine n alright..just face the consequences that comes from all things that you had done in the past..that is your fate and maybe a mistake too..n you deserve to make it just alright..throw away your loneliness and sickness that accompany you..let it fly away..far away from have a reason to happy..hoping for a miracle..

im listening gersang's songs - suratan takdir

usahlah dipersalahkan terjadinya perpisahan ini..itu suratan takdir..

tak tahu kenapa malam ini ak ingat perkara yang ku kira ak xperlu ingat..

kau kata padaku - "cintaku hembusmu"

dan ya aku merasakanny di setiap hembusku..

benda itu sudah lama berlalu..

dan ya ia sudah berlalu..

tiada lagi cintamu di hembusanku..

hembusanku hanya lah hembusanku terkandung carbon dioxide dan wap air disitu..dan sdkt kandungan oksigen serta nitrogen..

orang dan sayang..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's another world inside of me
That you may never see
There're secrets in this life
That I can't hide
Somewhere in this darkness
There's a light that I can't find
Maybe it's too far away...
Or maybe I'm just blind..
u dont ask for strength if u feel weak when u get hurt by unimportant people over unimportant stuff. .u better ask for strength when u think small matter could disturb you.. when u think yourself could disturb you.. when u think your memories could disturb strong..enough..dont let your emotion/feeling control urself..throw away the sickness..throw away the stupid things that happen in ur urself..enough..give some space for urself to breathe..

hAvE a NicE Life......

Suatu malam aku bermimpi

Aku berjalan dipersisiran pantai bersamamu

Jejak kakimu dan jejak kakiku senada dan seirama

Ada ketika kau berjalan perlahan-lahan

Ada ketika kau berlari laju, teramat laju

Ada ketika jejak kakimu hilang

Disapu oleh buih-buih ombak

Aku mencari-cari

Kemana hilangnya jejak kakimu

Ketika jejak kakimu muncul semula

Kau ketawa

Kerana jejak kakiku juga hilang

Aku ikut ketawa

Dan tika itu, kusedari aku tidak bisa sentiasa bersamamu

Kerana kita ada JALAN-JALAN kita sendiri

Monday, February 9, 2009


bibir merekah - minum air kelapa muda yang dicampur dengan telur kuning dan sedikit madu lebah . amalkan meminumnya sekali dalam sehari..

anggur dikatakan amat tinggi kebaikannya dalam rawatan penyakit jantung..Diktakan mpu menghindarkan kesan serius dengan cara mengurangkan sakit dan debaran..

jintan manis, dari kump rempah..mempunyai pelbagai khasiat..mampu melancarkan haid, melegakan kesakitan badan dan membuang gas dalam usus..

khasiat cincau..meredakan panas dalam..sembelit..kembung perut..demam..membersihkan organ pencernaan daripada terkena kanser..mampu menyerap air..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

daLam Sujud TerAKHIRku..

Dalam sujud terakhirku, Ya Allah..
kuteriakkan Asma-Mu sekeras-kerasnya..
agar runtuh dinding kesombongan dalam hatiku..

Dalam sujud terakhirku, Ya Rabbi..
kumenangis sejadi-jadinya..
biar kering mata ini..
namun basah ladang hati yang gersang..

Dalam sujud terakhirku, Ya Rahman..
kulihat semua dosa yang membanyangiku..
kelam mencengkam jiwa yang lusuh..

Dalam sujud terakhirku, Ya Rahim..
biarkan aku patah dalam cahaya-Mu..
biarkan kemusnahan titik-titk kemunafikan
agar kukembali dalam pelukan hidayah-Mu

Dalam sujud terakhirku,
biarkan aku hirup nafasku sekali lagi
hanya untuk menyebut nama-Mu dan kekasih-Mu..

p/s: aku rindu family aku =(

pErTh bOund

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