Friday, February 17, 2012

maLaySia CeRgaS..

hari ni pergi mendaki bukit kat Bukit Bauk kat Dungun..gaya hidup siht gitu..penat hokeh..well da semput dah tak fit seperti dulu lagi huhu..tapi best as long as spent time with my husband..heheh

 pemandangan dari puncak bukit..

gambar lain nanti la update..malas nak transfer lagi..hoho

p/s - Life is not easy..We all have our good, bad and tough time.. =)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

RInDu BearTanDanG laGI..

saya rasa mahu pulang ke rumah mak n ayah sekarang..heee..benarlah kata org kasih ibu bawa ke syurga..xpernah hilang tak pernah pudar..tak pernah berubah...

Saturday, February 11, 2012


hmm kalo gaji saya saya sebulan RM 24 010.80  tanpa berfikir panjang saya akan beli beg ini..yaa saya akan beli..
cute seperti biasa yang bisa mengoyahkan hatiku..tapi sebab time kawen hari tu da dapat hantaran beg coach choc with lupakan saja hasrat itu..brg2 di rumah masih banyak tidak cukup..huhu

p/s - tapi bagaimana nak ku kata padanya dia yang ada seperti tiada..

Friday, February 10, 2012


oh being soo busy these few weeks..this time real busy not buat2 busy..huhuhu..last week we were just moved into our first new home at Taman Panalex, Kerteh..just a small home with 3 rooms..i think its more than enough for us..of course i'm happy coz finally can live together with him..yeay!!!but as usual our parents were more excited and eager than us prepared here n there..heheh..kami membantu apa yang patut la..hmm my husband and i are still adjusting living together, just the 2 of far so nice n sweet..we can spend more time together..buat kerja sama2 tapi baru 2 hari tinggal bersama bermacam kekalutan berlaku..heheh

another factor that make me love to stay here because of the distance is so near to my school..just less than 10 minutes i can reach my i can wake up late in the morning..hahah..i mean no need la wake up at 6 or before 6 am everyday in the morning..6.30 is just nice..hehehe..subuh pun 6.07 minit tau sekarang..

owh my husband is not around..he was attending a course at KL since last Tuesday and after that he go straight to Tanjung Karang, visit mak n nenek..and come back home on my parents came to accompany me..hee..what i can say is life after marriage is more fun and got more blessed from Allah..Alhamdulillah

sometime i miss my bed at my parent home..heee 
our trip last month 
i found it cute..deco time!!!
reasonable or not to hang this pic at your home..heee
yummy time!!!my birthday cake..he bought..tq dear
old school..
and no pic of us and my activities lately..i have no time to do that coz i have bunch of works that need to be done as soon as nak mengupdate memang la tak sempat..huuhu..take care n see ya!!! have a bless Friday guys =)

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