Tuesday, October 7, 2014

ibU GeMuk..

salam aidiladha everyone..Well hola again! Tonight i'm in a good mood to upload some leftover pictures from my phone..hehe..anyhow,let's continue shall we? :D

Baked those muffins last weekend..
just for fun coz i'm in love with the small deco that i bought at bakery shop last week when i was attending KSSR English course 

princess and prince were sleeping..love you both 

met Nadiah n Niza at The Curve last month during school holidays
Cover up lots of gossips at Dip n Dip..hehe

delicious mocious foods at Tony Romas, e Curve
Thanx to my sayang..next time belanja lagi k..hehe

sibling bonding
kakak hana is a good big sister..
ibu is so proud of you..thanx for being such a good kakak to your adik 

me with the kids

another baking project!
our latest picsa..wearing palazzo n pleated arm blouse..i'm looking fat here..
yup i was gaining some weight..hoho

52kg.. ;( need to burn 5 kg fat..huhu

I think i need another vacation..load of works(school works) make me weak n sick..hahahaha..

Why is it soooo difficult for me to save money? Why,why why..But seriously, I need to do some saving for my trip next 2 months.Hope everything goes well..and of course my Japan trip..which is dunno when..hahaha because my husband just talked about it recently..he just very amazed with Japan..so i guess its maybe next year hopefully..hehehehe..please pray for me k..thank you in advance..

k that's all..bubye 

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