Monday, December 11, 2017

tHe LaNd dOwn UndEr

Guess who's back.. back again..

Assalamualaikum I decided to blog about my Perth trip here.

Well hola again! Tonight I'm in a good mood to upload some pictures from my recent trip to Perth.. It's been a wonderful journey I must say..

after a flight that seemed like forever for me.. We have finally arrived in beautiful Perth! (12.05 am to 5.40 am)..Lucky us because both of them were sleeping along the journey..

First day - Perth Airport - Mountway Apartment - Fremantle

at the Perth airport

Our rent car

the view from our apartment..

btw this apartment is comfortable enough for us eventhough dated building and facilities..budget apartment with clean kitchen and queen bed..n the most important is free parking teheee..located near the highway but my family and I still can slept soundly at night..well with the price that we paid (around RM880 for 5 days n 4 nights) we don't expect too much but still worth it..the location is great you might have only 15 to 20 minutes walk to access Perth CBD and Kings Park .. 

recommended to stay here if you are not a fussy person..

Fremantle town (30 minutes drive from Perth City)

a bit calm during weekdays n crowded during is the place where you can find Perth Souvenir.. the famous one is Megabes..quite cheap compare to the shop at Perth CBD. The place is packed as it’s only open from Friday to Sunday, and can get pretty warm inside there so please take note if you’re bringing your children there. Both my husband n I not really enjoyed and interested to shopping there, too crowded for us. To be honest not really recommended.. Try to find Souvenir Shop around Murray Street or to be exact the shop that opposite with insane cafe..I cant remember the name of the shop.

Image may contain: food

pampered our bellies with fish n chip (seafood) at Cicerello's Restaurant..not bad but certainly didn't impress my taste bud.. so-so.. I give 3 stars for this food. 

Image may contain: table and outdoor

took some photos at the jetty for memories

trust me this place is more beautiful in real.. blame my husband! ahhahah

Just stay in the hotel at night because obviously all of us were tired..n I cooked Nasi putih.. telur goreng and sardine for dinner..

btw FYI prayer time in Perth is quite early especially for Subuh.. 3.45 am weiiii.. so please make sure you are going to bed early and early for solat subuh..thats all for now..will continue later ya!

Monday, March 6, 2017

kRaBi wIth Love

ok ni cite last year hahaha.. Since kena sakit mata today so update jela blog ckit2..

We went to Krabi during our 5th anniversary 1 Muharam.. just two of us.. overkan..ak lettew..hahaha.. tp seriously not an appropriate and suitable place to bring the kids there..panas wei..n naik bot nak ke pulau jauh n sgt la bergelora..

Sbb almost 5 months lepas dah pergi 29 September so xd  la aku ingat details sgt.. overall ak bagi 3 stars je.. dia pye pulau cantik la jgk tp cantik lagi Pulau Mabul.. lgpn mungkin kami silap pilih tourist travel sbb pg byk pulau tp tak turun..just tgk from the boat..what the..actually better plh yang pg a few islands tp stay lelama skit more better..dh la kami mabuk laut..hahaha

Pantai Krabi plak ala2 Pantai Chenang Langkawi je..seafood masyuk tp mahal oiiii..pancake dia pun best kat sana..air kelapa mahal tapi kalo ko pergi belah2 dalam harga makanan dia reasonable skit..Riding elephant best..n ak rasa berbaloi2 la pg riding elephant ni..

antara makanan yang kami layan kat sana..sup ni best!

kami stay sini kat Apasari Hotel.. ak bagi 4 stars la untuk hotel dari segi service and location.. mudah nak jalan kaki tuk pergi jalan2 sebab dia cm in the middle of the town..kat sini berderet kot hotel ko pilih je yang mana within your budget..

ni kat Pantai Krabi

ni kat salah satu pulau..x ingat..muka toye mabuk laut..hahaha

ni kat kolam air panas

ni kat emerald orang ramai tak hengat..hoho

ni je picture riding elephant yang aku ada sebab ak takut nak guna selfie stick tak stabil naik gajah x berani nak amek risiko phone jatuh n kena lenyek gan gajah..haha

ni la pancake yang wajib ko org try bila pergi sana 

btw barang kat sana x murah sangat plus gan duit kita yang jatuh ni.. so ak cadang baik ko simpan duit ko pergi Perth je rather than pergi sini..hahaha.. k bye 

4 years Flew By

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Last Saturday we were celebrating Hana 4th birthday.. time really flies right.. they are growing up too fast.. still remember how was struggling to deliver her..from the first day I met her..from tiny 2.79kg baby, we named her Hana Zulaikha binti Muhazam Shah.. I think she carries her name well..I'm so grateful for the past 4 years. She thought me to become a mother.. Even I know I'm clearly not a good one.. teheee.. I'm always pray that Allah watch over you Hana because I know I can't..May Allah bless your life a good servant..always perform your solat when you know how to do it correctly.. recite Al-Quran as your daily a good daughter and sister too.. May Allah grant all your wishes.. We love you so muchhhh!!!!