Monday, March 30, 2009

FirSt WeEk aT SK kG tITINgAn..

It was Monday morning, on 23rd of March, and it was the beginning a story of me at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Titingan. My friend and I reached at school about 6.45 am. On the first day, my practicum partner, Suhaili and I reported to Madam Samiah Bujing, the headmaster of Kampung Titingan Primary School. We introduce ourselves and hand out our Introduce letter to Madam Samiah. She kindly accepted us as a training teacher for a month which is from 23 of March till 17 of April 2009. She is very kind hearted and friendly. We have talked for a while, and she had told us many things about this school including the achievement of this school, rules and regulations number of pupils, teachers and staffs., pupils background and school management. My friend and I was being introduced in front while assembly and I need to give a short speech. Well done! I can manage it even it was ad hoc actually. But I still felt like a butterfly in my stomach. After assembly hour, she handed us to our guiding teacher to arrange and manage my tasks.

My guiding teacher is Madam Hasniah binti Rudin. She is a teacher who teaches both subject Sains and Sivic and she is Science Panitia Teacher for the school. She welcomes me and had helped my friend and I a lot in order to fulfill the requirement of my teaching practice. She had arranged my time table and the classes that I am going to teach during the teaching practice period. I was proud that I could have such a kind guiding teacher, I felt easy and comfort to work with her. First impression is very important for me. So for this moment I think I was lucky to be sent to this school because I have kind hearted headmaster and guiding teacher. Both of them make me feel I was breathing.

Since Madam Hasniah also the advisor for the Persatuan Puteri Islam Malaysia, (PPIM), she also helped us to manage the requirement of co curriculum. For my information, the school will have co curriculum twice a month for the second and fourth week. It always held on Saturday from 7.00 a.m. till 10.30 a.m. I choose to joined the uniform unit of Persatuan Puteri Islam Malaysia(PPIM) as I had joined the same thing during my year in institute. So it was an advantage to me, because I already learned many things about PPIM. So I don’t have a problem to cope with that and maybe I can shared my knowledge and experiences with the members of the community about Persatuan Puteri Islam Malaysia. I also can provide some notes and information regarding what I have done before. It is my pleasure to give some contribution to the PPIM school.

On the second day, I began to enter the class and teach the pupils. Pupils of 4 Amanah were my first students that I ever have. The class that I entered was about 1 hour. So I decided to get along well with them for a while. I have a simple ice-breaking with them. I asked them about their name, race and ambitions. All of them were excited to introduced themselves. Maybe because I am a new teacher and still look younger, hopefully. I like their eagerness to introduced themselves to me and I really got fun with them. After that, I continue the class with the lesson. I teach them about Living things undergo life process but I was focusing on plant as the second last topic. The teaching and learning go smoothly although at some moment it was some distraction. But it was normal for the beginner teacher like me. I think so. I will survive if things are different than what i want them to be. I can accept things the way they are..i need to be flexible if i want motivate myself to go through all these days. So for my first teaching and learning class. Alhamdulillah everything works fine and in good condition. I can delivered my teaching to the pupils smoothly according to my lesson plan. They also give a good respone and cooperation towards me. Thanks to them the pupils of 4 Amanah. As I said before first impression is very important to me. So from yesterday until this moment I always feel positive and good. Thanks to Allah for blessing my day.

My guiding lecture came to observe and discuss about the requirement of the teaching practice on my second day at school. She also check my time table whether I did reach the minimum time of teaching. I was glad that she came but unfortunately my friend and I not manage and arrange well all our portfolio since it was only the second day we were in school. Many things have not done yet except for the time table. But madam don’t mind and asked us to finished it before next week. She also rushing because she will fly to Sarawak in the afternoon. But before she leaving, she was not forgot to told us the requirement and the element that will be judge and she want us to do it and fulfill it. She also asked us, if we have any problem during these two days in this school and doing the lesson plan. Straight to the point, I told her that I have some problems to do the lesson plan. I was not really understand the step and plan the activities. I realize I have a lot of misconception of each part of the lesson plan after I heard some explanations from madam. Oh God! How I want to overcome this problem. But madam encourage me to learned it again by read the guidance book that I have borrowed from my friend from Science 2 class. I wish I can do it. Allah please bless me.Luckily madam came to visit and correct the misconceptions before things got terrible. Thanks to madam because guide us to right path of being a teacher.

Third day, I began the day with my second lesson. I teach 5 Bestari today. My class was before recess, 8.30 a.m. till 9.30 a.m. I was a bit worried if I do not have enough time to arrange things as the time one hour was short for me to teach them. The lesson is about ‘Energy’ and I bring a ball, box, sweet, bottle, hand phone and toy car as my teaching aids for induction set. All of them are excited. I really confident at first but my temperature was decrease at before I ended the class because from the conclusion that I have conducted, some of the student still hesitate to answer my question . What I am suppose to do to make they understand clearly. So I took this step, by going and asking them group by group. Guide and help them to figure out what they have been learned today, helped them to listed out all the source of energy, what the function of energy and so on. I hope my effort will help them to understand more better and I asked them to do some note as their homework and I will checked it next week. By this task, at least they will do their revision at home and I really hope they understand about the topic. It is important for me to make sure my student can receive at least 80% what I am delivered to them..because I am a teacher, so my role here is teach them. Make them know what they didn’t know..make they understand what they didn’t understand. Its my responsibility, so I need to fulfill it.

For my fourth day at school I was busy entered the replacement class and I felt little bit tired. But I don’t mind because this will give me more experience to control the class and I got the chance to teach another subject like BM and KH...I teach both of the subjects today. My second class with 4 Amanah and today I teach them last topic of unit 2, Plant reproduce. Doing a project is very interesting activity but unluckily there were some distraction, so I switch it to demonstration activity. I was the demonstrator in front of the class to show them the way carrot produce and all of them pay the attention while I was doing it. Nice to see them at that moment. I felt very glad to teach them, although they are quite cheeky yet they still can give me cooperation during my class. I knew that they are a good person because they are still innocents they need a guidance from me although I knew I am not a good enough to teach them but I try my best t o teach and helped them. I enjoyed my class today.

On the fifth day, I don’t have any classes in my schedule but Mr. Salim asked me to entered the replacement class for 4 Bestari and 4 Amanah. As they have their own task so I just let them to complete their task. I just act as facilitator, answer some question from them, correct them if they do wrong and I ended both of the class with sang a song and of course they enjoyed with the activity. All of them really like me and invite me once again to sang with them but it is enough days to have fun with. You know. I really got fun with kids. Tired but I was satisfied.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


i think i need 48hours per day..i lack of energy rite now..very2 busy..and it was water shortage again..OMG..Allah please bless me..i need some space to breathe and manage my room..OMG..very mess with the paper..rph..file..jurnal..reflection..teaching aid..pail..and so on..luckly im alrealy took the im felt little bit ok.. i hope before late night everthing will be fine and ok..

Friday, March 27, 2009

biLa SeNgAL mELAnda..

saya rindu kamu walaupun bru hari rabu kita ada berhubung..huhuhu..kepada kamu..jaga diri k..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

sabtu 14/03/09

ak dlm taxi..khusyuk dgr pkcik taxi brckp

ciptaan Allah tiada tandinganny..kalo ak seorg pelukis
da lama ak lukis ni cndri tau la ba kmpuan dri..hehehe

ak dlm bas..memandangkn long duduk gn ana..
aku cndri tp da jg la kwn dsblh..
tp ak lbh tertarik dgn pemandangan di luar..
dn itulh yg byk ak lakukan spnjg2 perjalan..cntk!

ak kat ats feri..
ahad 15/04/09

singgah sebentar di pantai..

muzium marin labuan..besar gla lobster dia..

galeri muzium marin..romantik betul
lampu dlm muzium ni..huhuhu

bila sengal melanda...

kami dalam air..hehehehe

makan syp n satay..sedap hingga menjilat jari

memorial war
will continue later..

riNdu bErtandaNg lg...

my fren n i at Labuan..

she is my fren..her name is Nurul Farhana..means cahaya kegembiraan..thats why she always in happy mood and always make me smile when im with her..have sense of humor and very kind hearted..i called her par..hehehehe..

par i really missed u..yes i really2 do.. =( i missed your joke..huhuhu..

For all the time i know that i need u by my side..hehehe

I dun need more than a friends. Bcoz i realize that friends will never ever leave me, friendship is an everlasting relationship..
Sure and im very2 sure about this relationship..
But different with love.. It will leave me anytime.. So my friends are so precious for me.. For all my frens..believe me when i said I LOVE U..coz i really2 do..
thanx for being my fren par..
syg kamu..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

toloNg jaNgan PeraSan k..

huhuhu..penah tak kmu di tanya begini..
orang A: umur kamu berapa
orang B:umur sy 22 tahun
orang A:oh ingatkan kmu budak sekolah sains
orang B:oh tidak..waa mudanye ak(dalam hati je)..hahaha..

perasanny aku ni kan..dan ini terjadi kepada sy sewaktu sy pergi berjalan ke labuan pd wktu cti hr tu..hahahha..ini mengingatkan sy kpd adk2 yg sy kenal on the way pg labuan...shukrul..amal n anwar..shukrul n amal adik-beradik..seorg 18thn..sorg sek ren(lupe umrny)..asal kedah..dan c anwar ni kwn c syukrul..asal labuan..sonok borak gan diorg ni..c anwar ni nmpk ganas tp hti lmbt sebenarny..sopan lg tu..spjg perjalanan dr kk smpi labuan..kmi (ak.long n ana)duduk bersama2 n berborak tntg byk perkara..

as a sister, sempat ak bg nsihat kat bdk2 ni..aiseh..especially c anwar tu..boleh2 je dia dtg langgar dn ltk siku dia di bahu ak time bergambar..terlampau selamba btl mamat ni sorg..dgn rmbt yg diwrnakan..mak dia bukan main baik..berjubah n berpurdah lg..ak smpt tye dia..
aku:kmu solat x ni
anwar:solat ba kak
aku:kalo solat asal colour rmbt ni?
anwar:ndak pa ba kak, bkn apa2 pn
ni mula la ak berleter mendengar jwpny..blh2 je dia ckp "ndak papa ba kak"..
aku: mane da ndak papa..mane sah solat kmu tu kalo kamu colour rmbtmu
(setahu ak la, stakat ak bljr..ustaz n astazah ak kte bgtu, mak ak pn kate bnda yg sma)
xd after this jgn kmu colour rmbt lg k..
sia2 ja kmu smbhyg kalo kmu colour rmbt sbb ndak sah solat kmu..
anwar: senyum2 menampakkan sebaris giginy yg pth bersih n teratur..cntk(bisik htku)

kdg2 ak heran jg org yg gmr wrna rmbt ni..jjr n ikhlas dr ht ak xpnh nmpk pn wrna rmbt itu cntk atau bla..bla..bla..tetapi sgt pelik di mata hatiku..lg utk orang asia..kalo org sabah kate "bidak"..n itu la yg ak nmpk..huhuhu..lgpn itu mcm mengubah kejadian Allah..kalo kita betul2 bersyukur dengan apa yang Allah berikan kpd kita..kita akan menghargainy tnpa prlu ubh2 apa2..trmsk rebonding rmbt..dlu ak mcm minat2 bila ak pk blk kte2 kwn ak..tentang cara kita bersyukur dan menghargai nikmat yang Allah berikan..terus tertutup sudah pintu2 hatiku utk rebonding..huhuhu..ak bersyukur gan apa yang dikurniakan Tuhan..sbb ak rse itulah yg terbaik..dn ak menjadi dri ak yg sbnr -bnrny..


p/s:xdpt upload gmbr adk2 ni..lnkli la ak kc letak..

hAri Ini.. very2 tired..i have 5 period class.. from 8.30 until 11.45..need a lot of energy and more power especially my voice..actually i only have 2 period class but i need to replace class for absent teacher..but i dont mind coz this will give me more experience to control the class and i got the chance to teach another subject..i mean out of my course like BM and KH...i teach both of the subjects today..

i not really confident with my SN lesson today whether my lesson achieve the objective or not..coz from the conclusion that i have done..some of the student still hesitate to answer my question..OMG..what im suppose to do to make they understand i took this going and asking them group by and help them to figure out what they have been learned them to listed out all the source of energy..what the function of energy and so on..

i hope my effort will help them to understand more better and i asked them to do some note as their this task, at least they will do their revision at home..i really hope they understand about the is important for me to make sure my student can receive at least 80% what i am delivered to them..because i am a my role here is teach them..make them know what they did not know..make they understand what they did not understand..its my i need to fulfill it..i dont want to be just a teacher like this..enter the class..bla..bla..bla until bell ringing..then go out from the class without care about the sudent not that kind of the teacher..once i enter my class i want my student enjoy my class..understand my lesson..achieve the objective..thats my mision.. =) - melepasmu..

Drive - Melepasmu

tak mungkin menyalahkan waktu

tak mungkin menyalahkan keadaan

kau datang di saat membutuhkanmu

dari masalah hidupku bersamanya


semakin ku menyayangimu

semakin ku harus melepasmu dari hidupku

tak ingin lukai hatimu lebih dari ini

kita tak mungkin trus bersama

satu saat nanti kau kan dapatkan

seorang yang akan dampingi hidupmu

biarkan ini menjadi kenangan

dua hati yang tak pernah menyatu

repeat reff

maafkan aku yang membiarkanmu

masuk ke dalam hidupku ini

maafkan aku yang harus melepasmu

walau ku tak ingin

repeat reff

Lirik lagu Drive - Melepasmu ini dipersembahkan oleh LirikLaguIndonesia.Net. Kunjungi DownloadLaguIndonesia.Net untuk download MP3 Drive - Melepasmu..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

seJak jadi....

sejak2 ak jd guru ni..hahaha..perasannya padahal guru Praktikum je..huhuhu..since i was a practical teacher...waa im little bit bz..need to wake up early in the little bit surperise and proud with my self coz i can woke up early in the 5am..not easy for me to wake up early in morning..ask my rumate about how liatnye me to wake up in the morning..hehehe

lbh krg cmni la schedule ak skng bgn pg(slalu 5.30, solat subuh tdo blk then bgn jam 6.30..hehhehe)
6a.m- da pg sekolah..da abg kete dtg amik aku, my rumate, long and michele..(abg ni sedap
mata memandang n he remind me to la cite dia skang ek..da 1 thn lbey tak da khabar berita..erm, lantak la dia)
7a.m - start sesi school(syok..xbsn sgt maybe coz i have a didnt realise the time is
running up..aiseh) - balik ke IP Tawau N COLLAPSE! hahah
5p.m - pg makan
7p.m - pengurusan diri
8.30p.m - prepare tuk g sekolah (rph bla..bla..bla..)
12a.m - laying on my bed alreday..tdo sepatutny
2a.m - mata ak bru mengantuk..jd bru tdo la..

beginilah permulaan n perjalanan hidup ak tuk 2hr ni..since i have already 2days in far, my rumate n I not facing any prob to suaikan diri with the environment..luckly our guru pembimbing very generous and sporting..there's so much i need to share..but i dont know which one i need to start first..hehehe

I will survive if things are different than what i want them to be. I can accept things the way they are..i need to be flexible if i want motivate myself to go through all these i start my first teaching and learning class..Alhamdulillah everything works fine and in good condition..i can delivered my teaching to the pupils smoothly according to my lesson plan..they also give a good respone and cooperation towards me..thanx to them..pupils of 4 Amanah..

in conclusion, i enjoyed my day at school..have a nice day =)

23 @ lebih?heheh

today is aireen's bufday.. since you r not here..i just celebrate with u by


still remember this..i hope u dont mind coz u also doing
the same thing for me lol..
red keychain..remember??? hehehehe

and this..i know u really love this animal rite..
this picture show us..u and me n our friendship..
hehehe..enjoy ur birthday gurl!


Sunday, March 22, 2009


since tomorrow is the first day of our today most of my frens already move to their rent house at town..huhhuhu..i will miss them =(

actually i also want move from here..but unluckly i cant find the suitable house..i mean at least the house have a bed for me to sleep and a table for me to do my works..i have some prob with my i cant sleep on the floor for a long time case for 3days maybe its still be ok but for 1 months it might being worst..huhuhu..only me, my rumate, long and michele still loyal to stay here..huhuu

so..all the best to all my fren..

PISMP SN 1, SN 2 and Math January 07..miss n love u all damn much

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Maybe im not attractive, so my options are limited.

Maybe I'm too afraid that I've reached my sin quotient and one more big sin will keep me out of heaven.

Sometimes life or a particular situation can get to you. When the perfect storm of confusion
is going on in your head, you make mistakes. confuse..i dont know what in my mind now..

anDai itu tAkdirNya..

semalam, ak tidak tidur..
berjurai-jurai air mata aku mengalir tanpa henti..
bengkak mata ak pagi tadi..
tapi kdg2 pandai sym n ketawa sndri bila rse bhgia n lucu..
menarik..itulah perkataan yg paling sesuai untuk dipadankan gan novel ak bce..

ak mbcanya around 3am n bjya ak tamatkn bacaanku sblm zohor td..
jalan cerita yang digarap dengan baik..climate yg cntk..susunan ayat2 yg indah..shngakan aku rsekn ak yg berada di tmpt watak utama novel itu..ak btl2 mendalami kisah novel itu..mendalami hati seorang wanita dan memahami hati seorang lelaki..tetapi itu novel penyudahny selaluny indah..novel boleh digarap..boleh dirancang..boleh ditentukan jalan ceritany..

tp tidak di alam realiti..kalo itu sudah suratan takdirNya yg tertulis tiada siapa yg dapat just let it be..sabar n redha itu senjata utama bg yg pernah rebah untuk bangun..yang penah luka utk sembuh yang penah mati untuk hidup..yang penah sedih untuk gembira..yang penah kosong untuk disi..itulah yg ak dapat simpulkan hasil dari pena yg ku fahami..

terima seadanya kekurangan n kelebihan diri n insan ln..berkorban utk org yg kita syg n cinta..doakan yg terbaik utk org yg kita syngi..InsyaAllah kita akan aman dan bahagia..n itu yg sy rse kn skrg..ya mmg btl ia tidak akan menyesakkan ttp syg org yg sy syg..semua yg sy ttp dgn rse sy dulu itu..dn tau limit rse n jns rse sy tau batas rse sy itu..patah tumbuh hilang berganti..tetapi dn dgn apa yg sy lalui sy xpnh tpk lg utk mlkukannya buat mse terdekat ini..

sy sdh bhga dgn apa yg sy da skrg..mak n ayh sy..kwn2 sy..manusia di sekeliling sy n alam ciptaan Tuhan yg indah sungguh unik..

sy suke tgk mak n ayh sy..they are mean together..semoga bahagia terus menemani mereka..
someone ask me - please hang a sign board in your heart
'no vacancy'..

n sy tak penah turunkan sign board ini di hati sy..biarla ia tergantung disitu since 3 years ago..kerana sy selesa ia digantung disitu..ia tidak sedikit pun mengganggu sy..nti lah, kalo ia prlu diturunkan, sy akan turunkn..bila mseny sesuai..buat mase ni sy blm pk n mls nk pk..Let it be..perjalan hidup sy mc tidak mahu terlampau merancang..n sy xnak pandang atau judge sesuatu dr satu sudut bru knl dunia..jadi sy harus laluinya..

dR mahathir kate..

i copy this from Dr Mahathir's blog..i really admire proud to have a leader like him..he is so brilliant man..always have unexpected idea..may Allah bless him..if i can be like like him..think like him and have leadership like him..of course i am the best teacher in this world..hahaha..but im proud to be proud with what i have done and go through..i think i also have a talent and tandency that he does not have..maybe..hopefully la..hehehehe..perasan aku ni..
this what che det said about PPSMI and i as a sn teacher really agree to taech math n sn in english although im not really good and fluent in eng..but i think we need to learn this two subjects in Eng for mother ke for mother sake????whatever la but eng is really important nowdays..we need to realise this..

actually there were about 17 points in the list but all this 5 points below really2 make me interest to share with people out there please think wisely about this..i dont think it will threaten our mother language..

11. I was not ignorant for 20 years. Even after I realised the usefulness of English I had to wait until people also realised it. Otherwise they will fight tooth and nail to prevent the change from taking place. Even now they are fighting.

12. Singapore has progressed like a rocket because they have no opposition parties. Without criticisms by the opposition they will not know if they were doing something right or wrong.

13. Now Singapore is in deep recession because of having made investments in America. So they may use English for their education but they can still go wrong. But we want to use English only for science and mathematics and these two subjects are based on truths and logic - not on how clever you are in making decisions or explaining things.

14. I think in English when I want to speak or write in English. I think in Malay when I want to talk, write or discuss in Malay.

15. I am a Malay not because of the language I use when thinking or dreaming. I am Malay because ethnically, lingually, culturally and religiously I am a Malay and I regard Malaysia as my homeland.

SeNi itu Indah..

Saya sgt menghargai dan mengagumi sygny sy tidak da kemahiran dalam bidang pernah di label sbg anak murid yg xde seni dn xd sense of rhtym although i try so hard to do n practice sad to itulah sy..hanya sy mampu buat, mengumpul bahan2 yg sy pk dpt menarik perhatian sy utk mendekati n memahaminya..i don't know how to describe how much i love this kind of pictures..check it out..

mungkin sesetengah manusia anggap ini hanya sebagai gambar biasa..ttp sy tidak tahu mengapa sy rse ia amat unik dan menarik di mata perhatian saya..da byk lg..gambar2 alat mzk tp xlarat nk upload..huhuhu..selamat malam..

Friday, March 20, 2009

aku terHutang bUdi..

dinner at Chinese restaurant..

rumah madam n en zaki..kmi tinggal disini..hehehe

pasangan yang romantik..heheheh..

ayah yang penyayang..

ibu yang best..

before i proceed my blog with the story about my vacation at the Labuan..i want to introduce my ayah n ibu..i dont know how to express my feeling towards them..i just miss home so much..there's nothing much at home though we have problems with the cable so i can't really use internet..and mom's cook too.. i don't mean to complain about foods at the college cafetaria but i've been missing my mom's mouthwatering special meals so bad..but when i was there..i feel like i was at reALly 'terharu' with the layanan from them towards feel like i was back to my home town and meet my parent..really2 enjoy and happy..i dont know how to show my appreciation towards them..and balas blk jasa mdm n en zaki..

mdam said - InsyaAllah kita jumpa lg..U all dah kami anggap macam anak2..Jgan malu utk truskan silaturahim yg sdia terjalin..Ada rzki dtg lg ke Labuan..Salam utk semua..

i hope i have another chance to go there again to visit madam n en.zaki..maybe by the end of this year in long school break =)

madam n en zaki, i miss both of u..not forget my ayah n mak at home..really7 miss ayah n mak..


jalan + duty..

from 9 of march until 13 of march all of us, science students have field trip to KK for PJ KKBI and like org melayu said "sambil menyelam minum air"..behind the duty, we also enjoy with the trip..

10 march 2009 - Sk Sri Gaya n One Borneo..

pasukan kompang..

pasukan tarian


at the library

one Borneo

11march 2009 - UMS n Centre Point..

kami di outdoor activities area..

kami di tepi laut..

kak su, guide kmi..en.ramlan n en.amir

mdm normadiah n mdm yati

di galeri ums..

12 march 2009 -Kompleks sukan Likas n City Mall but im not joined them at City Mall..hehe..KFC.. =)

kolam renang..

badminton court..da kenAngan tercipta disini..3thn lalu..


boling gla..panas pn xpe..huhuhu..

13 march 2009- PBS n free

kami di PBS

ni la yg ak lalui spjg 5 hari di KK..trip to Labuan i will continue later..nite

pErTh bOund

Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy and I eagerly wait for my vacations every lets continue second day in Pert h.. Se...