Friday, July 31, 2009

mAsiH sEpErTi dUlu..

I do calling someone just now..
Everything is change..
but that only not change is
the voice..
the voice is still like before..
the voice that i always miss once upon time..
but now i not miss that voice anymore..
thank you for picking up my call..
i don't know how to talk to you since there have been a long time we are not calling each other..
May God bless you..

i seE my seLf in yOu

the beauty of nature is so simple and undemanding
that we often fail to perceive it
i make it a point to smell the roses
to touch the morning view
to listen to the song birds
to be aware of the great wonders that nature presents to me
i feel this great beauty within that is in tune the great beauty without
Life in the forms nature gives to us is beautiful
we just have to be conscious to be aware of it..
and like the beauty of love too
we just have to be conscious to be aware of it..

p/s - u think its ordinary but its not

oNe BoYfrIEnd Is not eNough..

for people who love to have many boy friends not me..hehe..i just like to have many girl friends around me..because all these people always brighten my days..thanx to all my girl friends..i love you all so much..mmmuaaah..huhuhu

ok actually i easily get bored with everything but lately its seem like i easily get forget about everything..and this my new sickness..well done Liyana..huhuhu

i don't know why and where the wire in my head that sort..but when i'm trying to remember something, mostly i'm failed..sometime even while i was teching my students i'm always forgot what should i do next, i forgot to praise them, apply value to them and bla..bla..bla..i think my teaching skills get worst day by day..hahahaha..i dont think i do great in teaching, never in my life! but i hope i'll get better day by day..experiences always inspire experience is my inspiration..

and i'm always missplace my stuffs..last week i left my laptop at school..and the next day i left my purse at school and from Thursday last week until now i'm still can't remember where i put my bag that contain my observe form from guiding teacher, lesson plan, revision book and my students work sheets..sigh~

and yesterday..Mdm Pauziah came to observe me and i forgot to change the content column in the lesoon plan of my teaching and learning..and as the present i just got only one for this part..but i felt feeling..i'm just said ok madam..yes madam..InsyaAllah..i dont know why i currently blur and felt nothing..and lazy..yesterday when madam want to observe not totally prepared..and i refuse to use the LCD..because i was lazy to set up the LCD..but my rumate force me to use it and she willing to do all this for me..she was the one who set up the LCD and i just saw her do all that thing..see how much lazy this girl..tahap gaban suda kemalasan aku ni..huhuhu..

anyways thats not the highlight for today.. the real highlight for today is THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY..hehe..dont u just love the weekends? cannot wait for tomorrow..already have a plan with my girl friends..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cause the hardest part of this, Is leaving you…

Listening to Cancer -MCR one of the my fav song..sometime listening to old song remind us to our memories right..and now i was listening all the memories song..Teenagers but now i am 22 years already..huhu

Turn away
If you could get me a drink
Of water cause my lips are chapped and faded
Call my Aunt Marie
Help her gather all my things
And bury me
In all my favorite colors,
My sisters and my brothers, still,
I will not kiss you, (O-Ooo)
Cause the hardest part of this,
Is leaving you.

Now turn away,
Cause I’m awful just to see
Cause all my hair’s abandoned all my body,

All my agony,
Know that I will never marry,
Baby, I’m just soggy from the chemo,
By counting down the days to go.
It just ain’t livin’
And I just hope you know,

That if you say,
Good-bye today,
I’d ask you to be true,
Cause the hardest part of this,
Is leaving you… (Whoa-oh-oh)

Cause the hardest part of this,
Is leaving you…

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers

They’re gonna clean up your looks
With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you
Because they sleep with a gun
And keep an eye on you, son
So they can watch all the things you do

Because the drugs never work
They’re gonna give you a smirk
‘Cause they got methods of keeping you clean
They’re gonna rip up your heads,
Your aspirations to shreds
Another cog in the murder machine

They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me

The boys and girls in the clique
The awful names that they stick
You’re never gonna fit in much, kid
But if you’re troubled and hurt
What you got under your shirt
Will make them pay for the things that they did

They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me

Ohhh yeah!

They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me

All together now!

Teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PosITivE vS nEGatIVe..

You can accept what others view or opinion..
Whether you want take it as positive or negative..
All, depends on you..
You are the one who colour your world..
not others..
Maybe people can't see the way you see your world..
Its does't mean that you are wrong..
At last you know who you are ..
Why you choose to be like that..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RaNdoM mOMenT..

sUaraKu BeRhARap..

bila kamu tidak mahu dengar apa yang saya katakan..
saya pun tidak mahu dengar apa yang kamu katakan..
adil bukan..

disini aku masih sendiri merenung hari-hari sepi..
bila esok hari datang lagi..
aku tanpa mu..
masih tanpa mu..

p/s - boat tu digunakan untuk menangkap ikan di pengkalan..

gUrls dAy oUt..

today ( 25 July 2009) i went to the town with Long, my rumate, my junior niza n fazurin..i drove the car today..and first time in my life i drove manual car at town..beforethis i just drove auto car at town and if i drove the manual car only until the Petronas station then long will take over the duty..huhuhu..but fazurin always said "Kak yana, kak yana, kereta mahal tu kat depan" why she said like pk r sendiri..hehehehe..

so why i went to the town today just to pay my bill for celcom broadband, photocopy the test for my students, to buy A4 paper, to buy double-sided, to buy present for my students, to buy prepaid, to buy mineral water and to eat KFC (saya sangat teringin..last sy mkn maybe 1 month ago or maybe more) but i bought materials that out of list..which is a pair of shoe, t-shirt and hand bag..huhuhu..and my money flying without wing..kikiki..and telekung sembahyang for my mum since this coming August is fasting month and i will go back for holiday..i bought it for my mum..and for ayah maybe next outing i will buy kain pelikat for him or kain baju melayu..depends on budget..heheh..(kuang asam pye anak..anak sape la ni..muhahaha)

me and my rumate at hostel ke? (tinggalkan tanda tanya disitu)
me, zurin and rumate
me at Kedai Kain Mewah..
searching for telekung sembahyang..and i bought it here for my lovely mum..
niza-naughty gurl who lost her mum at the shop..hahahahNiza and Long-beli kain? ye ke tu?my shoe..the cute one..if u r not agree with me..its ok..have i ever care..huhuhuif last three weeks i bought the stripe pattern with grey and white colour, today i bought the polkadot pattern with grey and white colour too..i dont know why lately i really overdoss obsess with grey and white colour even though my fav colour is blue not grey even white..sigh~
oh maybe because of the word kelam..only certain person know how meaningful this word to me..huhuhu.. =p
simple..i like it..
and this watch, belonging to my rumate..but i was the one who choose this for her..simple and cute..eventhough i dont like pink colour..BUM watch..its ok rumate ko kan org kaya..hehehe..

p/s - bila nak dapat bunga dan makan ais krim bersama =(

Thursday, July 23, 2009

LaWatAn sAMbiL BeLAjar..

ok lepas pg pengkalan cikgu haris bawa kami ke kampung Juragan tu pun sbb ak yg beria sgt nak kenal kmpg tu..da byk tmpt orang jaga udang..jaga ke, bela ba..hehehe..susah kalo BM tinggi ni..muahahaha..then after that kami meneruskan lagi sesi lawatan kami kat ni ha..kilang membuat amplang..jeng..jeng..jeng..dia ni pengusaha amplang paling berjaya di daerah Tawau..dan kalo aku tak silap dia sepupu cikgu haris..dan mcm biasa ak akn sibuk amik gambr..huhuh..cikgu eko dah awl2 sound ak..hihihi..dulu2 heran jg dia tgk ak skrg dia dah jd supporter rasmi ak..thanx cikgu eko..hihihi..
antara sijil yang tergantung di situ ampang yang belum di "seal" kan ni amplang yang ready untuk di goreng
ni amplang yang sedang di goreng da byk kuali dia kalo tak silap, 5 kot kuali besar ni
ni la rupa dapur tempat goreng amplang..

ni proses menbuat..kcian dioarg malu2 diaorg dikenakan oleh ak yang tak tahu malu selamba badak je masuk dapur amik gambar..hehehe..ak kan mmg cmtu..tak kisah janji hajat tercapai..dan puas hati..hehehe

dan ini sebenarnya langkah pertama..heheh..isi ikan dicampur kan gan garam dll dan dikisar..spttny gambar ni yg first kan sengal betul bdk yana ni..xpe2..budak baru belajar..anda dimaafkan..huhu..ye2 je =p
kak muja dan amplang2 nya..hehehe

this amplang is hot and spicy flavour..u cant find it in Tawau..hanya di pasarkan di sekitar KL dan KK..dia nya packaging pun the special one..huhuuhu..lain dari yang kami dapat free sebagai promotion tokay tu bilang..
ok..setelah semuanya selesai..kami bergerak pulang..aku beli satu bungkus je..tu pun cikgu haris yang bayar..tapi dapat free 2 bungkus..heheh..smpi kat sekolah cikgu haris bg lgi satu bungkus..murah rezeki ak lately ni..tadi pn makn mee hun sup kak sumi ( wife cikgu haris ) yang belanje..huhuhu..begitulah khidupan ak di SK Wakuba..ak rse byk ak bljar tntg life kampung sejak ak di sini..seronok gak duk kmpg ni..heheheh.. =p

p/s - byk2 kali aku pigi sana ndak pernah ba ak msk Si Liyana ni aku mana dia mau pergi budak ni..sana dia pergi dapur, bergambar dia sana di dapur dengan kuali, amplang..ko ni Liyana..Liyana..Liyana- kata cikgu haris..kata hati kecil yana..yana mmg camtu..hehehe =p

semalam kami ke pengkalan lagi tapi takde ikan sangat..tak macam pegi hari tu..tapi da ikan sangat besar..byk ikan kering je..ak pg gan cikgu haris, cikgu eko gan cikgu pebimbingku..huhuhu..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sAyA MaHu tIkAm hAtI SaYa.

huhuh..membunuh tak baik..saje je gimik lebih..hahaha..tadi muntah hijau sekarang muntah kuning..hahahah..

ok sejak dua menjak banyak saya dengar cite, nasihat dan pandangan tentang kehidupan dan ada dalam banyak2 tu terselit dengan kisah saya juga..maksud sy da kaitan la skit2..dan yang bercakap itu kebanyakan orang-orang yang saya hormati..orang-orang yang dah lama tempuhi kehidupan dan menimba pengalaman..

dan sikit sebanyak kata-kata itu singgah di hati saya dan melekat di hati saya..dan seperti biasa bila benda itu suda singgah di hati saya..saya akan lebih suka berdiam..tapi mengapa tika saya memilih untuk berdiam..orang lain mula dan mahu bersuara..dan tika saya bersuara dulu dia memilih untuk diam..saya hairan dan jemu untuk berfikir..tetapi hati saya sangat lembut walaupun saya seorang yang kasar..saya akan ikut rentak dia..dan akhirnya saya yang jadi serba salah..ya atau tidak..betul atau salah..oh boleh blah pemikiran yang sukar ini..saya tak minat untuk menjaga pemikiran dan hati sebegini..

daya tahan kardiovaskular saya sudah sampai ke tahap maksimum bukan di tahap normal..saya perlukan koordinasi dan imbangan yang baik untuk memperoleh ketangksan yang tinggi..walaupun saya mengajar keempat2 skill ini kepada murid2 pada waktu PJ di sy sendiri tak berjaya to develop all four skills for my self..i hate this..k stop thinking..whatever..

dArAH SeNi..

saya sedar saya memang tiada seni dalam diri..huhuhu..saya memang seorang yang plain dan simple tak kisah dalam apa jua keadaan walaupun kadang-kadang pemikiran saya nampak complicated tapi bila saya dah mula betul2 guna otak dan ketepikan perasaan..semestinya keputusan saya akan jadi simple dan semua orang unexpected gan keputusan saya buat..oh tapi sekarang saya bukan nak cakap tentang keputusan sebab saya belum berfikir untuk buat keputusan sekarang sebab saya nak kumpul2 dulu data..bila dah cukup data2 tu baru saya buat keputusan yang saya tak tau apa akibatnya buat diri saya dan orang2 yg saya sayang..biarkan dulu jangan pk lagi..

hmm pa yg sy nak highlight kat cni tentang..jeng..jeng..jeng

saya dapat buat book mark dengan guna crayon tau..sebenarnya ni da la activity for part application dalam topic reuse, reduce and recycle..buat bookmark dari bahan sy perlu tunjuk kan guna kertas sijil yg da rosak plus kertas iklan pa ntah gan crayon..dan ni la yg terbaik yg dapat sy lakukan..tapi sy rase cantik..wlpn mmg orang takkan rase book mark ni cantik..

masa saya kecik2 dulu saya sangat tak suka bila cikgu suro colour guna crayon..saya tak pandai..mesti buruk sangat..dan saya sangat sedih..bila balik rumah oh belum sempat balik rumah, dalam kereta mesti saya akan luahkan rasa sedih dan kecewa saya gan ayah..ayah akan kate "takpe la nanti cuba lagi, lama2 pandai la"..terima kasih ayah dan kata2 ni la slalu jadi pendorong bila sy give up terutama sekarang..PRAKTIKUM ke dua ni byk sy down dan stress.. balik rumah saya sambung lagi cite kecewa saya gan mak..kcian mak gan ayah selalu kena dengar cite kecewa saya bila dalam jadual kelas tu ada pendidikan seni..heheeh..

dan sejak siang tadi saya sangat suka guna crayon..esk saya takde class satu hari..dan saya merancang nak bawa drawing block untuk melukis dan mewarna guna crayon..hehehehe..
saya dah jatuh cinta gan crayon..yerh..

p/s - sy nak hadiahkan book mark ni utk seseorang..sbb benda yang special untuk org yang special..deeeeeee..geli je yana ni..muntah hijau..k berhenti menaip.. =p

Sunday, July 19, 2009

meNcarI ciNTa AbaDi..

warna tema : kelabu

perkataan sinonim : kelam

Ayat - ayat motivasi : Kita gerak ikut angin jangan lawan angin nanti kita sakit

Progress: Cinta memang begitu, bila kita dekat dia lari..bila kita cuba lari dia dekat

Aktiviti harian: Talian Celcom digunakan tiap2 hari lately ni

Kesan: Perasaan hairan terbit dan wujud dalam diri..kenapa ya kamu begitu sekarang dan semakin berani..huhuhu..dan tiap2 hari kenakan sy..dan ketawa2..amboi seronok nampak..tapi takpe..sweet kali..huhuhu

Mangsa keadaan: Popo, rantai dan 110 mesej yang disimpan dalam inbox @ mungkin lebih daripada itu(hanya mesej2 terpilih sahaja yg disimpan..yg tak syok dan berunsur2 sengal dan ngeri akan di delete dengan kadar segera..hahaha)

p/s - sampaikan salam buat ayah dan ibu di kampung k! kan kamu blk this weekend =p

Friday, July 17, 2009


oh baru berkesempatan mengupdate blog ini..pada 2 hari lepas, cikgu haris bawa aku dan rumate pergi pengkalan..dan aku seperti biasa sentiasa jakun dan excited lebih gan environment yang ak jarang jumpa dan tengok..huhuhu..dan macam biasa aku akan amik gambar dengan syoknya tanpa mempedulikan apa2 di situ..huhuhu..dan ketara kami telah memonteng waktu mengajar..ala saya takde class pn hr rabu tu..
i have many words to say and pictures can help me..hehehe

sungai kat pengkalan

suasana di pengkalan..cikgu eko dan cikgu nasir

ikan, ketam dan udang

ikan kering

oh da wau yang besar terlepas ketika saat ini..
Add Imagepilih..pilih
bubu yang besar..
ni kereta yang digunakan untuk angkut kami ke sana..heheh
kak tres dan awek talam..hahahaha

hehehehehhe..yana yang da montel..huhuhu

pErTh bOund

Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy and I eagerly wait for my vacations every lets continue second day in Pert h.. Se...