Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ho Chi Minh

Last week we had fun in Ho Chi Minh City for 4 days and 3 nights..

Btw at first i decided not to bring my kids in this trip..only two of us..but as ayah husband against me..he not agreed with my suggestion..he still wanted to bring our kids..ok fine..after a few arguments..he won! Hahaha..but a few days before we fly..again dilemma came..either to bring my son or not..coz he always throw tantrum lately..this time i felt pity for last when the day was came..all of us fly together..tehee..

Not really tough bring kids when you are travell just need to know their needs and well prepared of it..insyaAllah everything  will turn smoothly..

Day 1 in HCM was fine..we reached the airport at 11.00 am..I had heard bad n -ve things about Vietnamese before..but hey..while we were there..they were nice..friendly n kids lover I must say..
We stay at Than Thu of the budget hotel around that area..near to Benthan Market..people called that place as Malaysian Street..see how Malaysian love to shop...heheeh..the room is not really big but still comfortable to stay for 4 days..

After checked in..we took 2 hours for rest..solat n got ready ourselves..we went out to hunt food..I was craving for Vietnam we went to Pho' Muslim restaurant..I ate Pho' daging while my husband ate Pho' ayam..MasyaAllah the food were so delicious make me want to eat more..but sad to say that I was fulll alreay with a bowl of it..hoho..

Next we went to Benthan Market..just walked around the market..there are so many shops there..I just don't know what to shop n which one to choose because so many choices there with the cheaper price! And for sure my kids not enjoyed the surrounding n environment of the market..its quiet hot n noisy..they were crying all the way there..hahaha..we just shopped a few items and went back to hotel..

At night we went ate again..n this time at another restaurant but still with the same menu..i just can't get enough of it..hahaha..but the food price in Vietnam are quite expensive..average cost is RM 50 for 2 person..

After bloated already..hoho..we went to Pasar malam..I bought a vase for wedding gift..a packet of magnet fridge..a packet of small bags n a few items..then borong naelofar tudung..telekung and cotton baju kurung at Abdul Aziz n Saedah shop before back to hotel..that's all for day one at HCM City..will continue later! 

Our room
Hotel area 

Benthan Market

Pho' daging n Pho' ayam

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It is raining a bit now while I'm typing this kids not wake up yet..n I'm too lazy to finish up packing our stuffs..because we will have a short vacation to Ho Chi Minh tomorrow until Sarturday..almost done for 80% packing it n I'm stuck here in front of my lappy..huhuh

Well 2014 brought me full of commitments towards my job..i guessed because with confident my headmaster choose me as penerima Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang 2014.. shocked??? of course I'm shocked..I'm just a novice teacher with less experience and not really knowledgeable about the hastle bustle in education field.. hahaha

rezeki anak brought luck for me as I delivered my son in 2014 and took confinement day for 3 months during that year but  I still can managed my job well..Alhamdulillah..of course I'm happy with it..I took it as appreciation for what i have done before..and as one of the motivation for me to work more harder n sincere in future..

I'm always think that if you are good enough you no need to tell the world you are good..let's them decide..let's them observe..the most important is do it sincerely n enjoy it..that's the real satisfaction right?

with Kak Min 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

hari - hAri, haRi rAya

assalam .. 
Selamat Hari Raya..hihi Orang dah nak raya balik dah..aku baru terhegeh nak tempek gambar raya kami this year..hehehe
one with my family
Sampul raya this year 
My Hana Chan 

Gemuk aku dalam pic ni..huhuhuh..tema hijau la kain kami beli kat bandung tu..hihi
Family Tanjung Karang 

Friday, December 4, 2015

so LongGGggg!

Assalamualaikum followers ( ada ke??? =D)

Guess who's back..yana in the blog!!! tehee..i miss blogging.. definitely..but hey..hey..hey i'm the busiest person in the house now...with the house not so much have free time..btw since I have a smartphone I'm not longer used a laptop at home..nak blogging ni need to use laptop..for the satisfaction..hehehe..

ok let's get many things to share so I dont know which one I should start's been 11 months since i left many things happened during these 11 months..if u are pregnant..u already deliver the baby..hahaha..but I'm not pregnant yet..nak gap jauh sikit this time..hopefully la..these two kids already gave me i don't want to add migraine in my list..hehehe..but they still my sweethearts and my love for them is infinity..

what i can highlight for these 11 months are:

1. on January hana down with dengue fever..but luckily we diagnosed it in early stage..she warded for 3 days..poor little hana..

She started feeling like home..hehe 

2. Hana turns 2 yo on 4th March 2015

Sibu Island during school holidays on March

JB oroton handbag here..present from my major sponsor..tehee

Hello Kitty town
Little big club

3. Bukit Gambang Safari World visited on April



bird show

this place is quite large and of course it was a tiring day for us..but we enjoyed the moment here.

4. Hadi turns 1 yo on 24th April

BR ice cream cake for Hadi..lucky boy..hee..ibu umur 27 baru makan ice cream ni tau..huhu

5. Bandung get away

travelled with these two kids was quite challenging..hehehe..but we managed it well..Alhamdulillah
factory outlet..the best FO here is Rumah mode..affordable price with a good quality..yang lain biasa- biasa je
second day in mount tangkuban perahu..its a must place to visit in Bandung 

Nice view at kawah Putih Ciwidey..worth for plus minus 2 hours journey from Bandung Town..Entrance fee is reasonable but need to be bought earlier at the ticket agent...according to my supir..It was about 100 rupiah per pax..
Our kids with Rahmat..our supir..he was a good man n kind hearted supir.. can contact him if you wanna go there..very recommended..teehee
Floating market Lembang Bandung..the best place so far for me because you can find variety of foods here jual dalam sampan..

We were staying at Fave Braga Hotel..It s a cheapest chain of all Braga's hotels in Bandung. Yet the location is the middle of the town..We also went to Pasar Baru Trade Centre to borong all the kains for Hari Raya..hehe..Ayam goreng Ibu Hartini..huge restaurant with good foods..Overall my hubs and I enjoyed the holiday here in Bandung..hopefully my kids too..

So enough for tonight will be continue maybe tomorrow or maybe next year..hehe..catch you later friends!

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