Saturday, November 15, 2014

Allah Maha Mengetahui

Di lubuk hati yang dalam.. Allah sahaja yang tahu pa hati kita rasa.. gembira..marah..sedih..sakit..geram..sayang..benci..meluat.. manusia xkan tahu.. tidak tahu sama ada mahu Allah kabulkan atau tidak pa yang da di lubuk hati yang dalam.. sebab sekali lagi Allah maha mengetahui bkn sahaja pa yg da di hati sekarang.. malah apa yg da di masa depan..

P/s - Esok kerja..jom tido

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

ibU GeMuk..

salam aidiladha everyone..Well hola again! Tonight i'm in a good mood to upload some leftover pictures from my phone..hehe..anyhow,let's continue shall we? :D

Baked those muffins last weekend..
just for fun coz i'm in love with the small deco that i bought at bakery shop last week when i was attending KSSR English course 

princess and prince were you both 

met Nadiah n Niza at The Curve last month during school holidays
Cover up lots of gossips at Dip n Dip..hehe

delicious mocious foods at Tony Romas, e Curve
Thanx to my time belanja lagi k..hehe

sibling bonding
kakak hana is a good big sister..
ibu is so proud of you..thanx for being such a good kakak to your adik 

me with the kids

another baking project!
our latest picsa..wearing palazzo n pleated arm blouse..i'm looking fat here..
yup i was gaining some weight..hoho

52kg.. ;( need to burn 5 kg fat..huhu

I think i need another vacation..load of works(school works) make me weak n sick..hahahaha..

Why is it soooo difficult for me to save money? Why,why why..But seriously, I need to do some saving for my trip next 2 months.Hope everything goes well..and of course my Japan trip..which is dunno when..hahaha because my husband just talked about it recently..he just very amazed with i guess its maybe next year hopefully..hehehehe..please pray for me k..thank you in advance..

k that's all..bubye 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta..

perggh tajuk tak tahan tak ley blah..ok ak decide nak tulis entry kali ni guna bahasa melayu rojak punctuation mungkin salah..hehehe..

tajuk di atas di pilih sebab ak teringat pasal majlis perasmian bulan kemerdekaan siang tadi at ak blog walking blog2 yg mnjdi plhn ak zmn muda2 dlu..hahah..zmn remaja..zmn bdk yg bru nak up..kwang3..ak syg blog ni..sbb kat blog ni byk coret kngn..kdg2 kalo ak lupa tarikh something ak rujuk kat blog ni..msti blog ni menunjukkan bagaimana perubahan fasa kematangan aku dalam hidup..

ada sesetengah blogger yang ak follow prefer to neglect or delete diaorg pye blog bila dh meginjak fasa kehidupan baru atau cerita baru..well masing2 punya pndgn n offence here..ak plak pilih tuk xpadam kisah yang ak tulis dlm blog ni..spy bleh ak jd kn lawak jg ak bce entry ak dlu2..n enjoyed bace stories ak vacay gan member2 IPG dlu..

k la kul 12.00 am dh ni..bawa2 insaf la kan ak bukan lagi liyana 5 6 tahun dahulu..liyana sekarang yang sudah berkerjaya..berumah tangga dan beranak more lg stay up just for pun sebab ak duk settle kan pentaksiran english year 4 KSSR..ssb tu la terlajak laris ke blog..

esok smbg mngjar..smbg pk startegi nak buat anak2 6 Bestari ak lulus dalam exam..da 3 org murid year 6 ak yang ak da buntu nak jampi cm mane..hrp2 lulus la diaorg nti..well, after confinement leaves.. i needto teach year 6 students..speed up for UPSR exam..dh x lama dh tu..k tido dlu..esk smbg pk lg pasal SSQS..VLE Frog n etc psl ICT plus KSSR..xpayah la jadi cikgu sekolah..jadi cikgu tuisyen lagi bagus..coz i love teaching only..hahaha..i hate overload ICT works..huhu..

selamat malam..


Selamat Hari Raya!!!
masih bulan syawal kan..hehehe..ak pun blom lagi abes puasa sunat..hutang lagi 2 hari..pastu baru ley raya lagi!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Preloved Authentic Coach Handbag

Announcement again!
Sy nak let go handbag original coach..guna less than 5 times..bought, end of November price RM price RM 550 only..
COD Kemaman..Kerteh..Dungun

status : sold out 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let go breast pump snow bear dan mothercare baby carrier

announcement here!!!

saya nak let go breast pump Snow bear dan mothercare baby carrier

ok saya nak let go bp snow bear ni.. RM 170.00
baru pakai 2 KALI
still da warranty smpi 26 MEI 2015 
saya bagi free gift 
*one bumble bee storage bottle
*10 autumnz storage plastic
*1 baby romper 0 - 3 month
* 1 newborn baby hat
* 1 bip 

+reason let go sy da dua bp, saya lebih selesa guna bp rumble tuff


saya nak let go murah je RM 35.00 
jarang sgt2 pakai..

+ reason let go sbb ada dua carrier 

The Royale Aryani Resort

Salam Ramadhan dollies and Hello my ultimate readers ( if there's any hehe) ! Oh my, I miss blogging! since i got nothing to baby boy is sleeping while her sister is watching upin n ibu have a little time to blog..muahehehe..just a quick update i guess..

last two weeks before fasting month, we went to a short holiday trip at The Royale Aryani Resort which is situated in Kampung Merang, Kuala Terengganu..unplanned holiday as usual..thanx to my sayang coz brought us there..layankan your spoiled wife..hehe *sloppy kiss* hehehe

mase kitaorg decide nak pg..mse tu dah 4.30 dengan pantas packing n bersiap kitaorg gerak at 6.00 pm..well with two babies..its not easy to bersiap dengan took plus minus 2 hours to reach kampung merang from kerteh..since kampung merang ni dah di pinggir kuala terengganu..means we reached there at early night..but honestly from the simpang nak msuk ke resort ni so scary and creepy..xd lampu jalan at all..dah la kami sesat at know the feeling like mcm you tgk cite hantu yg konon2 pg holiday tempat berhantu..yup exactly like that..hehehe..tapi kalo datang siang its should be ok kot..

we had a great time exploring the resort..btw this resort is near to the beach..all i can say it is an enjoyable holiday..i give 4 stars for this resort..worth to spend your time here..

this was our chalet 

the room!both of them were too! hehe

morning breakfast..the waffle was yummeh..even takde rupa sgt..hehe


da small pool kat luar bilik ala2 Grand Lexis gittew..hehe

and we end our short trip with jalan - jalan cari makan at Tapper's Cafe 
Photo: 1.ayah punye
2.hana punye
3.ibu punye
4.ibu punye jgk..hehe
the foods were walllaaa!!! plus the price was really reasonable..very recommended..

and i end this entry with my boy's picture
Photo: Blue theme today..tq aunty jannah for the bed sheet set..hadi loves it..ibu loves it more! (Argentina glory konon!hehe) btw tgk both of them tido rsa syukur Alhamdulillah anak2 kta mc mpu tido dgn mlht gmbr anak2 di gaza..mereka berjaga dlm ketakutan.. #prayforgaza
Blue theme @ Argentina glory but sad to say that..kalah..hehe..xpe penyokong tegar tak kan beralih arah..ok la at least ley g final..da peningkatan drpd 2010..

k thats all i wanna do my daily routine..pumping! well i'm a bf mother..heee

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Bosannye xtau nk ckp kat sape..ckp kt ko jela blog..bila ak rase bosan ak pn ak jd bosan dgn org lain..huhu..dh lama xmnulis rasa di blog..bgs ak private dlu ko blog..bru bleh mnulis rasa mcm dlu2..hahaha..lps lama dh lega ak pdm blk..hihi..hmm mmg jnis ak kot suka express kn rasa melalui penulisan..sbb bila tulis xd org yg bangkang ak..kalo bercerita blom tntu ssh la kalo bercerita ni..nti silap tafsir..lagi susah..hmm I miss my old daysss with friends..

Ko penah rasa mcm terhad tak..mcm pergerakan terhad..gerak laku terhad..mcm ko xbleh buat bnda yg normal ko buat..pstu mcm ko pedulikan sesuatu yang xdipeduli..mcm rumit jg la ak nk lbh krg cmtu la ak rsa..yang ko rsa bnda tu besar tp orang lain rse xdpe pn..ak xtau la ak yg xnormal ke atau org lain yg sbnrny jnis yg kurang kecaknaan trhdp individu..hoho.. k la xpyh la ak tls pnjang2 sgt..xd faedah jg..huhu..sekian..mari terbang jauh

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hana turns one..

Assalam everyone..again and again and again..this is a lateeee post of mine..heee..
Hana turns 1 year old on 4 March far she is not walking yet..but can stand by her own n can walk a few steps..that's all..hoho..perhaps by next month she can walk coz this coming May she will be a sister@kak long Hana..yeayy..
No big n real celebration coz both of us think that she is too small to appreciate n understand all the i just bought a cute cake n dress up her with pink gown to make she felt special on that day..
Dear Hana..
Ibu so happy to see you entering your next stage of life..I pray that Allah SWT to give you all time guidance..I pray for your health,  happiness and protection..I hope u can be a good muslimah..daughter n sister too..ayah n ibu love you Hana..we were always trying to give the best for you..

Sunday, February 2, 2014

KL Bird Park

Today we go to KL bird park..I will write  the details next time..coz I'm off to bed now..esk kerja..wee

Saturday, February 1, 2014

hello third trimester..

hai..hows January treating you guys??..mine is very tiring..almost everyday i reached home at i a teacher??? well bai'ah pye psl plus netball training..

yup i'm 7 months pregnant woman now (i guess..hahah or maybe 6 months plus kot..hihi) and so far everything is doing just good..But the turn-down part is I can't fit in any of my baju kurung..hehehe..nothing much different just like a normal pregnant woman..body getting face..swollen hand..feet..feeling ugly sometime..haha..well 57kg..can you imagine???? i wish i can get back my weight n my shape right after confinement period..last time after confinement period my weight is about 47 or 48kg..

btw still dont know the gender..coz last time when we went for the checked up the baby was very the doc cant see clearly either bird or flower..hihi..and we have not pick out the name yet..still in deciding both of us very busy with works n of course busy with kak long hana too..ngeee..kak long hana now is 11 months baby..she already can crawling dengan lajunya..can stand up to reach something..can sitting by her own..and of course she loves to help me keeps her toys n clothes and in the kitchen too..faint (+____+)

im not start shopping yet..well baju kak long hana still in good condition plus bleh dikatakan all the needs dah da..but maybe i will buy some stuffs for my second little angel next month..during school holiday or maybe online shopping..tapi ada dah beli tungku baby n barut baby..coz its very cute..hihi..k thats all la..its shower time for kak hana..see ya!

i love my baby n my coming baby..mmuaahh..n of course their father@my syg toooo..heheh

p/s - i dont have any morning sickness in this pregnancy..yeayy..Alhamdulillah..

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bye3 2013

Welcome year resolution..always have it but dont know either will achieve or not..ngeee..
But this time must be istiqamah..ok I'm trying to write my entry in eng even I know my English is Oh! My English gitu..hihi..because my husband kept on complaining about my writing..well..his eng is more better than me..
One of my resolution is wearing I said before.. I hope I will istiqamah for this..btw I'm not start wearing it yet..ok to be honest my husband already remind me about this for many times and recently he gave me a pair of socks as a birthday I think this year is a good start for doing this..
Second thing is I want to look appropriate  for my age..not too young n not too old..its all about skin care n care..I have big barrier with this..I'm a kind of woman who love to buy a product but very lazy to use or apply it..haha
About work..I have nothing to do about it..I think I will just work as usual because I'm not a kind of workaholic person..I will do what I need to do..that's all..I rarely go beyond expectation when it comes about work..maybe because carrier is not my priority now is my family n my children..and I always have thought to resign coz I wanna raise up my children by my own gitu..hoho
Not forget to improve my cooking skill..ok my cooking skill is too bad..hoho
K that's all..till we meet again..btw i will ask my husband to check my writing tomorrow..either I need to do some correction or not..hihi..take care..

pErTh bOund

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