Sunday, December 22, 2013

Colmar Tropicale..Bukit Tinggi how's December treat you guys? mine..absolutely a lot of funs..coz its holidays n I was a December baby back to 26 years ago..wee..
Ok back to  the topic..we were going to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi yesterday..maybe this was last vacation for this year..I guess..
Actually this was unplanned husband want drop by just for lunch on our journey home to Kerteh..
Ok from highway just about plus minus 30 minutes to reach there..this is my first visit to Colmar..dlu2 I selalu pergi genting je..knp ntah xpnh pg I excited feeling like an evening in Europe gittew..hahaha..
The weather was not too cold n not too hot but its breezing..I love the place so much..surrounded with beatiful scenery n buildings..n of course the foods too..but unluckily we don't have enough time to go to rabbit farm n Japanese garden..coz my husband need to go to work tomorrow.he has important event on Sunday morning..if not mmg ktaorg da check in kot..hihi..let's enjoy the pictures..

Monday, November 25, 2013

2nd anniversary..

Hai..again..this is another lateeee post of mind..I'm suppose to write it last month..haha..this post have been in my draft since forever..hoho..second anniversary this year..we were just celebrated at arabic restaurant..ok honestly the foods were tempting n fabulous..licinn you I makan..hee..actually we were celebrated it due to Islamic calendar..1 Muharam ;) not 27th nov..pcya x after a few days bru ktaorg tingt eh 27 nov da lepas xkesah pn sbb da celebrated before this..
Btw..Alhamdulillah..we nailed it..wlpn sometimes gaduh2 jg la..hihi..well I'm stubborn..n I think I'm lucky enough to have him in my life..he is cool n sgt la sabar with me..lg2 since 2nd year of our marriage..I plak syik merempan je cpt sejuk..sbb suami baik n sape x syg suami oit..hihi..I love my husband sooooo much @ infinity..
Surperise from my other half..tgh2 tgu order smpi suddenly husband gave me a paper bag which is kt dlm tu da purse CR..I like2..sbb I mmg dah aimed that set with my handbag gittew..yaaay..thanx syg..wlpn dah down grade skit sbb last year dpt handbag coach..haha..but the best part was the card..ok I'm touched..huhu
Next present..we went to Kuching..yeaa..thank u coz fulfil my dream to jejak kan kaki ke that dah khatam la penjelajahan semua negeri di Malaysia..smua da pnh pergi..ok we had fun there..I love kuching..the foods were awesome..the people were good especially the drivers..the town was clean..I hope I'll be back to kuching one day ;) hana also be good while we were in kuching..not cranky at all..but back from kuching she got fever..poor hana..owh we went to kuching on first week of school holidays..
For the 2nd week we off to Penang n Kedah..actually we were attending iffat's kenduri..he is our pengapit for both it must be compulsory to attend his majlis sambil menyelam minum air ;) attended kenduri plus jalan2..but honestly I told you that the journey was very tiring..after this I want go there by flight minus 9 or 10 hours to reach home..I rasa mcm tercabut pinggang n kaki..hoho ;D
Ok thats all..I will update more soon..hopefully..there are no specific reason why I off blogging for awhile...owh maybe you can blame on instagram..fb n my Samsung note 2 for neglected my blog..hihi..oh yes for those who had been wondering how's my girl looks like at 9 I presenting you her pics..

Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Obsession

Aslmkum n hi..its been age right..finally I have strength to update my blog..hihi..So how october treat u guys??? mine, erk totally chaos with abundance of works..well its normal for a teacher like me to face it when end of the year..I just do it what I can do..the rest..let it be..hahhah

Ok actually I have many things to share here..but then, I dont know which one to start first.. so let's talk about baby soft book..hihi..since I have a baby everything I'm write here must be related with baby..well..thats we called as life cycle right..

Yup that's my new obsession now instead of cute stuffs like n etc

I found that baby soft book is really attractive n I dont want to miss it..of course I bought it for hana as her book collection..but one thing for sure of course I'm the one who is very eager to have it..hoho..hana still young n she knows nothing..hehehe

I already bought flash card for her..but then I realised that its not suitable for baby since she just want to bite n renyukkn the flash card only..sigh..she will take a look at the card just for a few seconds..after that I will become a tarzan, shouting..haha..

So far I only bought 2 set of soft book..the fist one is baby's first soft book..comes in a box with 4 different types of book farm..animals..words n colours..and the second one is fisher price baby animal counting soft book..

I try to avoid hana from being a gadget fan..its not good for her..that's y I bought all the soft books for her ;)..btw I got it from online shopping..yup I will compare the price from a few pages before I decide to buy it..of course i will buy the most cheapest one..hihi..

For baby first book I got it from Sya&Nas Kiddie Store FB..RM 42 plus postage n for Fisher Price soft book I bought it from Koleksi Bayi Comel FB RM 25 include postage. ;)

Monday, July 22, 2013


Assalamualaikum..hai dh lma sgt x update blog kn..btw selamat mymbut bln Ramadhan..Alhamdulillah smpi lg sy ke Ramadan yg strysny..rndu Ramadan di IPG which is sy rsa lbh brmkna sbb stp mlm oergi terawikh..ikt tadarus..qimulail..skrg krg ckit amalan sy mklum la terawikh kt rmh pndi cilok2..huhu

Ok now kmi dah pndh rmh bru..Alhamdulillah..rzki ank..after delivered hana kmi dpt bli rmh..bru 4 hri duk rmh bru..byk lg yg kna settle kn..slowly la kan..but honestly extremely exhausted coz pindah time fasting month ni..huhu..

Hana plak dh mkn bsr n pbdi..I mean pndi sesuai gn umur dia..syukur x terhingga dgn rzki Allah bg :)

Ok nti smbg lg..hri ni pn dpt blogging pn sbb got mc for 2 days..skt mata..huhu..hana on hntar rmh bs..tkt kang terjngkit plak..huhu

Friday, May 31, 2013

Halford Primier Neo Car Seat

Assalamualaikum..hari ni nak update pasal car seat..hehehe..wlpn kecewa kerana xdapat car seat yang sama mcm lam gmbr tapi nak promote gak..heee

dalam pic mcm ni design dia..saya pilih wrna merah sbb nak match gan stroller dan carrier hana both in red colour but when we received the parcel dengan excitednya bukak skli dapat yang cmni 
no stripe
different type of head support 
different colour of head support

ok honestly disappointed..huhu..kalo dia bg cmni pn ok lagi 
head support colour merah still cun but grey colour really not match for me..huhuhu


this car seat really comfort and easy to install on your car..
the problem here is quite bulky but bila bandingkan gan yang lain this one kira da kecik kot..hoho
berat sikit la..tapi mampu je diangkat..hehehe

saya beli online kat Fabulous Mom sbb kat OBW tak tau bila da stock..price RM 479.20 bila plus postage jadi RM 505.00 so sy suggest kalo bnda ni tak urgent tunggu la time sale sbb skrg da naik jd RM 599.00 exclude postage..gila beza kan harga..

so this one VERY RECOMMENDED..berbaloi beli especially bila selalu travel perlukan car seat yang comfort lau tak sian the way this car seat suitable for age from birth up to 4 years..

and hana loves it..heee..k happy shopping time i review pasal pakaian baby plak k..heheh

Photo: Gifts from aunty niza..visited hana yesterday..heee..tq aunty niza.. :)

Photo: Hana xdpt hadiah drpd ibu n ayh tp dpt gifts from aunty yg bru blk dr statement kt bju tu ibu x bape suka..haha
hana got gifts from her aunties..hehehe..tq hana loves it..

Life is a gift..

Alhamdulillah..Life Good lately..many good things happened..n of course I'm enjoying my life journey..
Thanx to Allah coz gave Hana to You promise us rezeki itu ada dalam perkahwinan n rezeki itu ada pada anak..n kami sdng menikmati kdua2 nikmat rzki itu..Alhamdulillah..

Our lovely dadaughter. .
Shopping time..
You are never a mistake

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

bAby diaper..

ok so today continue with review baby stuffs part 2..hehehe..i feel honour (over you..heee) to write my experience about choosing baby stuffs n taking care of baby because when i looked at my blog traffic..most of the visitors came across because they want know about pregnancy, confinement and baby stuffs..heee..btw today my writing will focusing on baby diaper..we (ayh n ibu) already try about 5 brands of diaper..n overall all of them were good n satisfied..n the hierarchy goes like this..

No question, Mamy Poko is one of the superior baby diaper brands in the market and after using it, I must agree with what the market says..mamy poko is the best among all the diapers..if u not trust me u can try search n find another reviews..most of mummies out there have same opinion like me..but the issue here is little bit pricey..hoho..n kind of bulky on baby's between-the-legs..for mamy poko new born size is quite large compare to the other for hana which is time lahir weight just 2.79 kg mmg la besar ckit..but if your baby 3.3 kg n above ok kot..

so we change to drypers weewee far this diaper was good n the price is more cheaper than mumy poko..kira harga mampu milik la tuk golongan pertengahan..hehehe..but the prob for this diaper is its really easy tend to jd lembik bila baby pee n poo poo..poo poo mmg la kan tp kalo pee pn da i rase xbest sgt la..but not la smpi bocor..still ok to use..the diaper itself is quite thin in design and gets wet pretty fast so it's best used on baby during the day..not so good for baby's night sleep..hana used this brand till S size..

after that change to mamy poko easy pants..btw it just fine since still under mamy poko brand eventhough some of my hubby's friend said this diaper is not good..but for me still better than drypers n easy to wear..but last week hana was staying at her grandma house because my husband terkena chicken pox..n my mum keeps complaining that diaper was leaked..erk..i just wondering why??? coz so far when hana wears it at our home..i'm not facing that prob at sbb i dh sshkn mak i jga hana at day time coz i dtg jenguk hubby i kt rmh kami mlm bru i balik smula rmh parent i tuk jaga hana so i pun ok la nak beli drypers again but unluckily mart yg i singgah tu out of stock for both mamy poko n drypers S size..suddenly i terpandang kat satu brand ni..

Whoopee..what make me interest with this diaper is the pieces of the diapers..78 pieces you..bgs ni i ckp dlm hati..sbb byk so lambat la habes..xla asyik kna p kedai beli diaper je.. because most of the diaper S size range 50 - 60 pieces only..and i went for it n grabbed it..n i shocked RM 25.99 only (but at Giant still RM 30.00..gila beza kan) OMG!!! murahnya..coz the other brands that i stated above almost cost RM 30 and above ok..

so i terus keluarkan note i and searched reviews about this diaper..hahaha..overkan..yela satu pelaburan ni..karang beli asyik bocor nk buat pe..bak my husband said..kalo x elok buat kain lap jela yang..since he was not confident this diaper is good according to the price n far i got good feedback from mommies out i pk why not just give it a try la i dgn confident amek n byr..and dah 2 weeks hana wears far sgt ok..penah skli i ngtuk sgt i terlupa nak tkr time malam, smpi 10.30 am still ok n xbocor..tape dia pun ok..bleh 2 3 buka tp still x tercabut..well kdg2 hana ni xreti duk diam jg time pakaikan diaper so tersenget sbelah la..terbawah sgt la n this one is highly recommended because the quality is as good as expensive brand but the price is more cheaper..yeaaay a smarter choice perhaps..ngeeee..but the cutting is little bit small compare to drypers but maybe bcoz hana become more bigger now..hahaha..well almost 5 kg need to change to M size after this..let's whoopee

for this brand i'm not buy it but i got the sample from KMC about 3@5 pieces after i discharged from the hospital..i just gave a try to my baby wears it..but unluckily the quality was not really good in stead of old school pattern n's get wet rather not make me interested to consume this brand..hehehe..but the price little bit pricey..i'm just surprise..because for the quality is not setimpal with the not recommended..hehehe..

also just used 3 pieces because got sample from far was ok..i didn't encountered much problem with the brand but Pet Pet diaper is kind of thin so i need to change it regularly as it gets wet pretty fast..
RECOMMENDED ckit2..hehe

so now hana used whoopee at home even at night because hana woke up almost every 2-3 hours for feeding, every time she woke up, I used that opportunity to check and change her diaper too.. but when on the go she wears Mamy Poko Easy Fit Pants..and i'm lucky enough because hana didn't encountered diaper rash problem..she can wear any diaper brand so far.. 

Please note that this is based on my personal experience..thus, the brand that may works wonder on my baby may not do the same favour on yours and the brand that may not do so well on my baby might just treat your baby's okay..

Sunday, April 28, 2013

tHe MakIng..

entry 2 hari lepas..hohoho..

Assalamualaikum..welome to yana's territory..cewah..ok a lot of activities n happy moments happened lately ( please include fire works n ballons here) very eager to write it down here..but I'm lazy enough to write since I have sign up instagram account..wah riak you..pdhal org ln dh berkurun da account instagram ni..huhu

Btw I'm not at home but at putrajaya accompanied my husband attending his training..we were staying at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside for 4 days n 3 nights..nice place, nice views n hotel..n today is the last day we are here before we are going back to tanjung karang..

Ok I wanna write about hana's photo shoots..we had it yesterday. .actually we not hire any photographer but this is actually a present for hana from uncle steve, aunty lana and bro eddy..They are my husband's buddies..they are very nice n warm..

So here the pictures of hana's photo shoot in the making.. (please include James Bon sound music here..haha)

Gambar: Hana photoshoot session
aunty lana, bro eddy m uncle steve
Gambar: My current obsession..lovely hana chan..
hana wearing her lovely lace baby dress for the outdoor photo shoot..hee
Gambar: Hana n ibu..heee
hana n ibu..
Gambar: Putrajaya beach..hohoho..our family picture..
3 of us...our small family members..but dont worry will be more than 3 soon..haahaha
Gambar: Last day
Putrajaya with love..

honestly very excited n eager to see the outcomes.. bestnya hana ibu dlu xd pun..outdoor wedding photo shoot pn ibu xd sbb ayh xnak..hukhuk..

Friday, April 12, 2013

mATa pAnDa..

Hmm..hana slept well now she refuse to sleep..even after bf, her eyes still widely open..

Hana with her eyes widely open

Ayah already tertid=)hehe

At last ibu put hana in her rocker..hehe

But hana still mata boolat..ayah n ibu je jd mata panda @_@

K that's all btw this is my first update using my new samsung note 2..hehe
Thanx to my sayang 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

pUdiNg iCe- cREam oReO

today i wanna share with u guys a recipe..puding ice - cream oreo recipe..actually i got it via FB..hehe..since i'm addicted with i love to eat anything food that mix or blend with oreo.. 

so here is the simple recipe.. 

~ Puding Ice Cream Oreo~
25g agar2 bertali ( dipotong kecil2)
1250ml air
1 Tin susu cair
1 cup Gula 
1 Sudu teh esen Vanila
1 Biji telur
1 Bungkus Biskut Oreo ( dikisar halus)
1 cup Ice Cream ( 5/6 scoop ice cream)
** apa2 perasa ice cream pun boleh**

Cara membuat:
Masak Agar2 bertali dengan 1250ml air tadi hingga larut...
kemudian masukkan gula...kacau sebati.
Blendkan Telur, susu cair , Ice Cream, & Esen Vanila
Kemudian satukan dengan adunan agar2 yang dimasak tadi....
Kacau rata , & akhir sekali masukkan Biskut Oreo yang telah dikisar...kacau lagi biar sebati ye...dah sebati, tutup api...
Sediakan Loyang...Tuangkan adunan & sejukkan dalam Freezer...dah siap

it's quite easy..i hope one day ..i can try it..hehe..that's why i posted it easy for me to refer it next time!!!

Photo: ~ Puding Ice Cream Oreo~
25g agar2 bertali ( dipotong kecil2)
1250ml air
1 Tin susu cair
1 cup Gula
1 Sudu teh esen Vanila 
1 Biji telur
1 Bungkus Biskut Oreo ( dikisar halus)
1 cup Ice Cream ( 5/6 scoop ice cream)
** apa2 perasa ice cream pun boleh**

Cara membuat:
Masak Agar2 bertali dengan 1250ml air tadi hingga larut...
kemudian masukkan gula...kacau sebati.
Blendkan Telur, susu cair , Ice Cream, & Esen Vanila 
Kemudian satukan dengan adunan agar2 yang dimasak tadi....
Kacau rata , & akhir sekali masukkan Biskut Oreo yang telah dikisar...kacau lagi biar sebati ye...dah sebati, tutup api...
Sediakan Loyang...Tuangkan adunan & sejukkan dalam Freezer...dah siap!

the puding is look like this 
yummy right !!

- selamat mencuba -

penGalaMan beRpaNtang..

assalamualaikum..btw today merupakan hari ke 38 saya berpantang..saya ada tanya mak n mertua saya..sebenarnya orang berpantang 40 or 44 hari.. tp both of them gave me the same answer which is 40 days!! wah glad to hear that (please include fire works here..hoho) happy because saya tak suka dia org kate boleh je pantang 44 hari lagi sbb ianya option not compulsary..maka saya amek 40 hari je..hehe

soal makan bkn lah masalah sgt cuma masalah sbb tak ley minum ais..dah la musim panas..hoho..yang saya tak suka sbb tak boleh nak buat kerja..kena rehat je..aishhh..bosan..

tempoh berpantang saya terbahagi kepada 3 fasa..chewah sbb 23 hari mak mertua yang jaga saya..actually 21 hari je sbb 2 hari kat hospital..10 hari mak saya yang jaga..7 hari sy yang jaga diri sendiri..hehe..

sepanjang 3 fasa berpantang tu dengan mak mertua la paling strict..hehe..well mak saya dia cm moden skit n jnis tak xla berpantang strict sgt..bila jaga diri sendiri, sendiri mau ingat la..hehehe

masa mak mertua saya jaga..dia da peraturan yang spesifik..dan saya pun berdisiplin ckit..

  1. 3 hari pertama saya minum air ibu kunyit yang dicampur dengan putih telur..pekat luckily sy dapat minum dgn selamba je..chewah..fungsinya tuk mengecutkan rahim
  2. minum air halia tuk panaskan badan 
  3. mandi 2x pagi petang gan air suam cmpur gan daun2
  4. makan nasi 2x sehari time breakfast n petang..malam xmakan dh..kalo lapar ckp la sekadar milo gan biskut
  5. saya minum pati ikan haruan ni suami suro
  6. berurut, bertungku n bertangas tiga hari 
  7. pakai bengkung n stoking 24 hours
  8. tak ley g dapur pun, even lps makan pinggan pun dia xbg bwk pg dapur tinggal je atas meja
  9. jalan kena slow2 n kepit2 je slalu ( tp yg ni kdg2 ak byk kali terlupa..heheh)
  10. lauk pantang - ikan panggang, sup ikan, sup lobak putih
  11. tak ley menyapu
  12. banyak yang tak ley dimakan lah kcli yang saya tulis kt atas tu je plus gan orange..
  13. xley kuar rumah tanpa sbb
actually mcm byk juga la pantang lain tp sy dh belum lagi pantang nenek..lg byk..hehehe..

bila duk gan mak, mak saya ni jenis relax2 je..sbb mase dia berpantang dulu especially masa berpantang adik saya..ayah yang dia jaga saya style ayah jaga dia la..hehe..sbb tu dia ok je mak mertua saya yang jaga saya..cuma kalo gan mak saya, dia amat menitik beratkan soal bertungku, sama ada saya atau baby..mesti bertungku..masa saya pergi rumah mak, saya dah sihat..selamba je basuh kain anak..mandi after jam 7.00 pm..skali skt pinggang, sy pn stop cuci baju soal mkn mak msh jaga..tu pun da juga la sy termakan kuih karipap pusing..terlupa..hehehe..kalo ikut ayah lagi best..ayah kate xpayah pantang2 sgt..mengarut je..makan je kalo nak..kalo berpantang sangat nanti tak ckp nutrien..dah la nak bf lagi..cayalah ayah..hehehe..kat rumah mak saya da start on off pakai bengkung n stoking.. 

bila pantang sendiri ni saya buat2 mcm2 gak la..selamba je menyapu, mop lantai skit2, memasak, jemur kain n etc..jaga anak of course la sy rasa ok je..bab makan masih dijaga cuma terkandas minum jus orange sejuk..tak tahan tgk..dah la cuaca telan juga la seteguk dua..hehe..bila pantang sndri mcm off terus je pakai bengkung  n stoking..panas la..xtahan..hehe

satu lagi larangan pantang jgn keluar rumah, tp sbb 2x dah sy g check up at secara tidak lansung saya dah keluar..dan bila keluar tu, kaki panjang je siap pergi berjaya Mega Mall Kuantan tuk beli baby stuffs,makan kat Kenny Rogers Roasters masa hari ke-15pantang..hehe..masa hari ke-32 pantang stay kat Zenith Hotel which is located behind the East Coast Mall so, saya n husband pergi jalan2 n makan kat chicken rice shop..hehe..hari ke - 33 pergi kat KMC balik tu sempat lagi ke Fab Mom tuk cari nursing pillow n a few baby stuffs..n terbeli la stroller tuk hana skali kat Fabulous Mom tu..ssh tau jalan2 xd stroller..hari ke-34 selamba je ke Mesra Mall Kerteh tuk beli barang rumah and lunch kat Secret Recipe..hehehe

bagi saya lah semua depend on your body..ada orang tak tahan kot atau body slalu kata bhya tak jaga masa bg saya..kalo jaga beria wktu pantang tp lepas pantang xjaga..xleh gak..btw sepanjang pantang nidah 2x sy pergi refer doc kat KMC tuk check luka dan scan sy punya rahim dan ovari..masahari ke - 15 dan hari ke - 33 far Alhamdulillah semua ok..rahim saya da kecut, luka jahitan dah bersambung dan ovari tak bengkak..yang penting jangan over acting sgt..kalo sikit2 tu know better your body limit kalo nak buat pape make sure dont over the body limit..kena pandai jaga diri..

so far sepanjang 38 hari berpantang ni, berat saya dah jadi 52.5 kg daripada 64 sy target nak dapat berat masa jadi student dulu which is 48kg..kurus sgt pun xnak nampak gayanya kena terus berpantang makan..tak ley suka hati je makan walaupun dah habes pantang..ais pun kena pantang sbb nanti kcian baby kembung..sayur pun kena pilih tuk makan..sbb sy bf hana..

so that's my confinement experience..rasanya next deliver nak pantang sendiri jela..hahaha 

my hana chan

1 month 6 days..

Hai my hana chan da makin besar... btw last week she turns one month, n of course kena cucuk..after short discussion both of us agreed to bring hana to KMC not to klinik kesihatan kerteh to see her pediatrician doctor since she have a few weird symptoms which make me worried about it..she vomit frequently after nursing..

so we decided to stay at Kuantan a day before the some latest pics of hana

Hana first pic with ibu

Our little angel

At KMC..cucuk time

kakak zahra visited hana!

My sleeping beauty..hee
Photo: hana tertido sambil teman ibu lipat baju hana..well hana dah mandi n senanglah hana tido..kumpul tnga nti ayah balik ley main gan ayah :)
she fall asleep while accompany ibu lipat kain..
so cute!!heee

k that's all..btw i'm using my husband sony x-peria to update this entry..that's why tungang langgang ckit..sambil update sambil bf n dodoi hana tido..hehehe..hana da good night :)

pErTh bOund

Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy and I eagerly wait for my vacations every lets continue second day in Pert h.. Se...