Saturday, September 29, 2012

jaNji dItePaTi..

one entry for each month..thats my promise..heheh..nothing much for this month..

- gaining current weight 52.5 kg

- i have round shape of face and my husband used to call me my boolat..hmm whatever =p

- i went to Gambang Resort City for Ethylene's Family Day..staying at Arabian pa ntah..hehe..but the foods, the services n etc were very bad..i'm not complaining or ungrateful but thats the reality..

Photo: awk suka x pic n tmpt ni..ley wat cover bku yg awk nak tls tu..hehehe

- went to Johnny's Restaurant, Kuantan for delicious steamboat..yummy..and i ate a lot..of course..hehe

yummy...boleh pergi lg tak sayang?? =p 

- Camping PKG at SK Seri Bandi 2 yesterday..
Photo: My suite last nite
our most comfortable suite..
i've planned want go to find baju mengandung today..yaaayyy!!! 17 weeks already..but its raining husband is sleeping n we not lunch yet..laparrr..heee..

and lastly have a nice weekend everyone  =) 

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