Wednesday, August 17, 2016

iNner Heart

Huarghhhhh! Roaring to show how much I miss blogging..So many stories to compile. Hmmm I don't know where to start..


February - Melaka bound with family..

March - I'm officially enrolled in PITO course.. 9 months course.. so after this I can add Eng option in my e-operasi..hehehe..and Hana's birthday too..

April - Hadi's birthday.. 

May - Colmar Tropicale..Ipoh and Cameron bound! only..xd budget nak g jalan jejauh..hahaha

Jun - Ramadhan 

July - usual..nothing much different or nothing excited since I'm not young anymore..hehehe

August - busy with UPSR team! 

gian nak menulis rasa di sini..but hrmm the pen is mightier than a sword.. Your inner youth want something odd and rebel..If you don't know how to remote, you'll bite your own hands. Always think twice and wise..adios!