Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Preloved Authentic Coach Handbag

Announcement again!
Sy nak let go handbag original coach..guna less than 5 times..bought, end of November 2013..market price RM 890..my price RM 550 only..
COD Kemaman..Kerteh..Dungun

status : sold out 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let go breast pump snow bear dan mothercare baby carrier

announcement here!!!

saya nak let go breast pump Snow bear dan mothercare baby carrier

ok saya nak let go bp snow bear ni.. RM 170.00
baru pakai 2 KALI
still da warranty smpi 26 MEI 2015 
saya bagi free gift 
*one bumble bee storage bottle
*10 autumnz storage plastic
*1 baby romper 0 - 3 month
* 1 newborn baby hat
* 1 bip 

+reason let go sy da dua bp, saya lebih selesa guna bp rumble tuff


saya nak let go murah je RM 35.00 
jarang sgt2 pakai..

+ reason let go sbb ada dua carrier 

The Royale Aryani Resort

Salam Ramadhan dollies and Hello my ultimate readers ( if there's any hehe) ! Oh my, I miss blogging! since i got nothing to do..cewah..my baby boy is sleeping while her sister is watching upin n ipin..so ibu have a little time to blog..muahehehe..just a quick update i guess..

last two weeks before fasting month, we went to a short holiday trip at The Royale Aryani Resort which is situated in Kampung Merang, Kuala Terengganu..unplanned holiday as usual..thanx to my sayang coz brought us there..layankan your spoiled wife..hehe *sloppy kiss* hehehe

mase kitaorg decide nak pg..mse tu dah 4.30 pm..so dengan pantas packing n bersiap kitaorg gerak at 6.00 pm..well with two babies..its not easy to bersiap dengan pantas..it took plus minus 2 hours to reach kampung merang from kerteh..since kampung merang ni dah di pinggir kuala terengganu..means we reached there at early night..but honestly from the simpang nak msuk ke resort ni so scary and creepy..xd lampu jalan at all..dah la kami sesat at first..you know the feeling like mcm you tgk cite hantu yg konon2 pg holiday tempat berhantu..yup exactly like that..hehehe..tapi kalo datang siang its should be ok kot..

we had a great time exploring the resort..btw this resort is near to the beach..all i can say it is an enjoyable holiday..i give 4 stars for this resort..worth to spend your time here..

this was our chalet 

the room!both of them were excited..me too! hehe

morning breakfast..the waffle was yummeh..even takde rupa sgt..hehe


da small pool kat luar bilik ala2 Grand Lexis gittew..hehe

and we end our short trip with jalan - jalan cari makan at Tapper's Cafe 
Photo: 1.ayah punye
2.hana punye
3.ibu punye
4.ibu punye jgk..hehe
the foods were walllaaa!!! plus the price was really reasonable..very recommended..

and i end this entry with my boy's picture
Photo: Blue theme today..tq aunty jannah for the bed sheet set..hadi loves it..ibu loves it more! (Argentina glory konon!hehe) btw tgk both of them tido rsa syukur Alhamdulillah anak2 kta mc mpu tido dgn aman..tp mlht gmbr anak2 di gaza..mereka berjaga dlm ketakutan.. #prayforgaza
Blue theme @ Argentina glory but sad to say that..kalah..hehe..xpe penyokong tegar tak kan beralih arah..ok la at least ley g final..da peningkatan drpd 2010..

k thats all i wanna do my daily routine..pumping! well i'm a bf mother..heee

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