Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Obsession

Aslmkum n hi..its been age right..finally I have strength to update my blog..hihi..So how october treat u guys??? mine, erk totally chaos with abundance of works..well its normal for a teacher like me to face it when end of the year..I just do it what I can do..the rest..let it be..hahhah

Ok actually I have many things to share here..but then, I dont know which one to start first.. so let's talk about baby soft book..hihi..since I have a baby everything I'm write here must be related with baby..well..thats we called as life cycle right..

Yup that's my new obsession now instead of cute stuffs like n etc

I found that baby soft book is really attractive n I dont want to miss it..of course I bought it for hana as her book collection..but one thing for sure of course I'm the one who is very eager to have it..hoho..hana still young n she knows nothing..hehehe

I already bought flash card for her..but then I realised that its not suitable for baby since she just want to bite n renyukkn the flash card only..sigh..she will take a look at the card just for a few seconds..after that I will become a tarzan, shouting..haha..

So far I only bought 2 set of soft book..the fist one is baby's first soft book..comes in a box with 4 different types of book farm..animals..words n colours..and the second one is fisher price baby animal counting soft book..

I try to avoid hana from being a gadget fan..its not good for her..that's y I bought all the soft books for her ;)..btw I got it from online shopping..yup I will compare the price from a few pages before I decide to buy it..of course i will buy the most cheapest one..hihi..

For baby first book I got it from Sya&Nas Kiddie Store FB..RM 42 plus postage n for Fisher Price soft book I bought it from Koleksi Bayi Comel FB RM 25 include postage. ;)

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