Monday, November 25, 2013

2nd anniversary..

Hai..again..this is another lateeee post of mind..I'm suppose to write it last month..haha..this post have been in my draft since forever..hoho..second anniversary this year..we were just celebrated at arabic restaurant..ok honestly the foods were tempting n fabulous..licinn you I makan..hee..actually we were celebrated it due to Islamic calendar..1 Muharam ;) not 27th nov..pcya x after a few days bru ktaorg tingt eh 27 nov da lepas xkesah pn sbb da celebrated before this..
Btw..Alhamdulillah..we nailed it..wlpn sometimes gaduh2 jg la..hihi..well I'm stubborn..n I think I'm lucky enough to have him in my life..he is cool n sgt la sabar with me..lg2 since 2nd year of our marriage..I plak syik merempan je cpt sejuk..sbb suami baik n sape x syg suami oit..hihi..I love my husband sooooo much @ infinity..
Surperise from my other half..tgh2 tgu order smpi suddenly husband gave me a paper bag which is kt dlm tu da purse CR..I like2..sbb I mmg dah aimed that set with my handbag gittew..yaaay..thanx syg..wlpn dah down grade skit sbb last year dpt handbag coach..haha..but the best part was the card..ok I'm touched..huhu
Next present..we went to Kuching..yeaa..thank u coz fulfil my dream to jejak kan kaki ke that dah khatam la penjelajahan semua negeri di Malaysia..smua da pnh pergi..ok we had fun there..I love kuching..the foods were awesome..the people were good especially the drivers..the town was clean..I hope I'll be back to kuching one day ;) hana also be good while we were in kuching..not cranky at all..but back from kuching she got fever..poor hana..owh we went to kuching on first week of school holidays..
For the 2nd week we off to Penang n Kedah..actually we were attending iffat's kenduri..he is our pengapit for both it must be compulsory to attend his majlis sambil menyelam minum air ;) attended kenduri plus jalan2..but honestly I told you that the journey was very tiring..after this I want go there by flight minus 9 or 10 hours to reach home..I rasa mcm tercabut pinggang n kaki..hoho ;D
Ok thats all..I will update more soon..hopefully..there are no specific reason why I off blogging for awhile...owh maybe you can blame on instagram..fb n my Samsung note 2 for neglected my blog..hihi..oh yes for those who had been wondering how's my girl looks like at 9 I presenting you her pics..

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