Sunday, February 2, 2014

KL Bird Park

Today we go to KL bird park..I will write  the details next time..coz I'm off to bed now..esk kerja..wee

Saturday, February 1, 2014

hello third trimester..

hai..hows January treating you guys??..mine is very tiring..almost everyday i reached home at i a teacher??? well bai'ah pye psl plus netball training..

yup i'm 7 months pregnant woman now (i guess..hahah or maybe 6 months plus kot..hihi) and so far everything is doing just good..But the turn-down part is I can't fit in any of my baju kurung..hehehe..nothing much different just like a normal pregnant woman..body getting face..swollen hand..feet..feeling ugly sometime..haha..well 57kg..can you imagine???? i wish i can get back my weight n my shape right after confinement period..last time after confinement period my weight is about 47 or 48kg..

btw still dont know the gender..coz last time when we went for the checked up the baby was very the doc cant see clearly either bird or flower..hihi..and we have not pick out the name yet..still in deciding both of us very busy with works n of course busy with kak long hana too..ngeee..kak long hana now is 11 months baby..she already can crawling dengan lajunya..can stand up to reach something..can sitting by her own..and of course she loves to help me keeps her toys n clothes and in the kitchen too..faint (+____+)

im not start shopping yet..well baju kak long hana still in good condition plus bleh dikatakan all the needs dah da..but maybe i will buy some stuffs for my second little angel next month..during school holiday or maybe online shopping..tapi ada dah beli tungku baby n barut baby..coz its very cute..hihi..k thats all la..its shower time for kak hana..see ya!

i love my baby n my coming baby..mmuaahh..n of course their father@my syg toooo..heheh

p/s - i dont have any morning sickness in this pregnancy..yeayy..Alhamdulillah..

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