Friday, March 28, 2014

Hana turns one..

Assalam everyone..again and again and again..this is a lateeee post of mine..heee..
Hana turns 1 year old on 4 March far she is not walking yet..but can stand by her own n can walk a few steps..that's all..hoho..perhaps by next month she can walk coz this coming May she will be a sister@kak long Hana..yeayy..
No big n real celebration coz both of us think that she is too small to appreciate n understand all the i just bought a cute cake n dress up her with pink gown to make she felt special on that day..
Dear Hana..
Ibu so happy to see you entering your next stage of life..I pray that Allah SWT to give you all time guidance..I pray for your health,  happiness and protection..I hope u can be a good muslimah..daughter n sister too..ayah n ibu love you Hana..we were always trying to give the best for you..

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