Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bye3 2013

Welcome year resolution..always have it but dont know either will achieve or not..ngeee..
But this time must be istiqamah..ok I'm trying to write my entry in eng even I know my English is Oh! My English gitu..hihi..because my husband kept on complaining about my writing..well..his eng is more better than me..
One of my resolution is wearing I said before.. I hope I will istiqamah for this..btw I'm not start wearing it yet..ok to be honest my husband already remind me about this for many times and recently he gave me a pair of socks as a birthday I think this year is a good start for doing this..
Second thing is I want to look appropriate  for my age..not too young n not too old..its all about skin care n care..I have big barrier with this..I'm a kind of woman who love to buy a product but very lazy to use or apply it..haha
About work..I have nothing to do about it..I think I will just work as usual because I'm not a kind of workaholic person..I will do what I need to do..that's all..I rarely go beyond expectation when it comes about work..maybe because carrier is not my priority now is my family n my children..and I always have thought to resign coz I wanna raise up my children by my own gitu..hoho
Not forget to improve my cooking skill..ok my cooking skill is too bad..hoho
K that's all..till we meet again..btw i will ask my husband to check my writing tomorrow..either I need to do some correction or not..hihi..take care..

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