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pErTh bOund

Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy and I eagerly wait for my vacations every lets continue second day in Perth..

Second day Lancelin Sand Dunes - Back Beach Lancelin -The  Pinnacles

We woke up early today..prepared some food to bring there since there is no halal restaurant around Lancelin n no restaurant at all in The Pinnacles but but but unfortunately we forgot to bring the food hahaha.. so we just bought mineral n chips for alas perut..
First destination is Lancelin Sand Dunes.. this place is quite far from Perth City to be exact 133km away and took almost 1 hour n 30 minutes journey from our apartment through highway.. 
Long journey with wonderful scenic view but I'm still fell lets pictures do the talking since I'm a bit lazy to write..huhu

You can rent that sand board around's AUD 10 per board for 2 hours

this place actually near to the beach..the view is so superbb.. I'm really amazed with this creati…

tHe LaNd dOwn UndEr

Guess who's back.. back again..

Assalamualaikum I decided to blog about my Perth trip here.

Well hola again! Tonight I'm in a good mood to upload some pictures from my recent trip to Perth.. It's been a wonderful journey I must say..
after a flight that seemed like forever for me.. We have finally arrived in beautiful Perth! (12.05 am to 5.40 am)..Lucky us because both of them were sleeping along the journey..

First day - Perth Airport - Mountway Apartment - Fremantle

at the Perth airport

Our rent car

the view from our apartment..
btw this apartment is comfortable enough for us eventhough dated building and facilities..budget apartment with clean kitchen and queen bed..n the most important is free parking teheee..located near the highway but my family and I still can slept soundly at night..well with the price that we paid (around RM880 for 5 days n 4 nights) we don't expect too much but still worth it..the location is great you might have only 15 to 20 minutes w…